Dinner Recipes For Toddlers

With so many tempting fast food choices looming around the corner, how do you convince your toddler that eating at home is more fun?

With so many tempting fast food choices looming around the corner, how do you convince your toddler that eating at home is more fun? Try making these meals at home. With some love and healthy choices, you can create meals that your toddler will look forward to and enjoy.

Healthy Chicken Fingers

1 cup low fat yogurt

1 lb. chicken breast cutlets

1 cup bread crumbs.

Preheat oven to 400°F.

While oven is heating, dredge chicken cutlets in yogurt, then cover them completely in bread crumbs. Place on cookie sheet and bake until cooked through, approximately 7-10 minutes (depending on the thickness of the chicken). Serve with honey or other favorite dipping sauce.

**Why it's great for toddlers?**

It is a great source of protein and lean meat. It is also a wonderful substitute for fast food chicken nuggets. Chances are, they will want these "nuggets" every week!

Healthy French Fries

2-3 washed sweet potatoes

2 Tbs. olive oil

Salt, pepper, or seasoning to taste

Preheat oven to 425°F. While oven is heating, slice potatoes into whatever uniform size you desire: wedges, french fries, quarters or eighths. Leave skins on for more nutritional value. Once potatoes are cut up, place them in a bowl and add the olive oil. Toss gently so that all pieces are coated. Then add your seasoning as desired. Now place potatoes on cookie sheet, spreading them out evenly. Bake for 20 minutes or more until they are browned on all sides, turning as necessary.

**Why it's great for toddlers?**

Sweet potatoes pack a healthy punch of vitamins and nutrients compared to a regular white potato. When cut up like a French fry, it is hard for any toddler to resist.

Macaroni and Cheese

½ lb. whole wheat pasta, cooked

2 Tbs. flour

¼ tsp. salt

1 ¼ cup milk

4 oz. cheddar cheese

2 Tbs. grated parmesan cheese

In a saucepan over medium heat, mix milk, flour, and salt until it comes to a low boil. Stir in cheeses, whisking until the cheeses are well incorporated. Pour over cooked pasta.

**Why it's great for toddlers?**

Easy to chew and filled with healthy carbohydrates and proteins. Plus, what toddler can resist macaroni and cheese.

Toddler Quesadillas

Whole wheat tortillas

Cheddar cheese

1 can refried beans

1 can of corn, drained

1 jar salsa

1 tomato, diced

1 bunch of fresh cilantro

1 pint sour cream

Roasted chicken breast, thinly sliced

This recipe is very flexible. Mix and match according to your tastes and your child's nutritional needs. Then lightly toast in your toaster oven. Slice into bite-size wedges.

**Why it's great for toddlers?**

Depending on your toddler's choices for the quesadilla, you are fulfilling part of their daily requirements for fruits, vegetables, proteins, and grains. It is quite a balanced meal.

Vegetable Lasagna

2 c. part skim milk ricotta cheese

1 egg

Salt and pepper to taste

10 oz. frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained

3 c. tomato sauce

4 oz. no boil lasagna noodles

1 ½ c. mozzarella cheese

½ c. parmesan cheese

Preheat over to 400°F.

Mix ricotta, parmesan, egg, and salt and pepper. Add spinach to the mix.

In an 8x8 pan, spread a layer of sauce on the bottom of the pan. Then place a layer of lasagna noodles on top of the sauce. On top of the noodles, spread 1/3 of the ricotta mixture. Then sprinkle ½ c. of the mozzarella cheese on top of the ricotta mixture. Repeat layering process, starting with the layer of sauce for two more layers. Complete lasagna by placing one last layer of sauce on top of one last layer of noodles.

Cover with foil and bake for 30-45 minutes.

**Why it's great for toddlers?**

This recipe is a super way to sneak in some healthy spinach. Rich in Vitamin A, fiber, and iron, spinach packs a powerful nutrient punch. When that spinach is covered in gooey cheese and sauce, your toddler can't refuse it!

Toddler Meatloaf

1 lb. lean ground beef

1 egg

1 package of Italian seasonings

½ c. ketchup

1 c. breadcrumbs

1 Tb. Olive oil

¼ c. onions, chopped

¼ c. peppers

¼ cup carrots (optional - for nutritional boost)

Preheat oven to 350°F.

While oven is heating, sauté onions, peppers, and carrots until tender. Put aside. Mix beef, egg, seasonings, ketchup, and breadcrumbs. Once fully incorporated, add the onion, pepper, and carrot mix to the beef mix. Once ingredients are thoroughly combined, form mixture into a loaf and place in a pan. Bake for 45 minutes or until done.

**Why it's great for toddlers?**

Meatloaf is a great meal for toddlers because they can easily chew it. By adding a few vegetables, it makes the meatloaf a complete meal. It is always a hit.

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