Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

There are lots of fun ideas to use a Dinosaur theme to create an unforgetable birthday party for your child and their friends.

Children: Ages 2-7

Number of Children: 5-10

Price: Under $20


There are lots of fun ways to use a dinosaur theme birthday to create an unforgetable birthday party for your child and their friends. For unique invitations, use craft foam or sponges to cut out bath toy dinosaurs to accompany the invitation. You could also deliver the invitation in a colored plastic egg, like you find at Easter.

A balloon delivery is also a fun way to invite children to your party. Scroll up the invitation and push it inside the opening before you blow it up. When the kids pop the balloon it is a fun way to find the message instead of being sad that the balloon is gone!


Activities can be as simple as pin the horn on the triceratops using a laminated picture of the dinosaur cutting off the horn before laminating the picture. Next, rolling a piece of colored cardstock into a cylinder horn. Cover the end with double stick tape so it will stick to the picture.


Hide small plastic dinosaurs or plastic bones in a sand box for kids to search for the fossils. If you don't have a sand box you can add a pile of saw dust on top of a large tarp or Childs empty swimming pool. Let the kids hunt for the dinosaur fossils. You could have a few plastic colored eggs filled with coins hidden too. Another option would be to have 3 of the plastic eggs with a number in them to be traded in for a small stuffed dinosaur or other prize.


Each child can make their own fossil by using plaster-of-Paris and water. Mix the compound to a pancake consistency and let each child place a small plastic dinosaur in the bottom of a plastic disposable bowl or cup. With adult supervision, cover the dinosaur with the plaster. Cover the top with foil or elastic plastic wrap bowl covers. The kids can take this craft home to set and up and can remove the plastic toy for a fun fossil imprint!


Using a large balloon, newspaper and decoupage you could make a fun Dinosaur egg piñata for the kids to break. I especially like to use small balloons painted green and flicked with brown paint to look like little Dinosaur eggs. These are a wonderful party favor. The inside of the eggs can be filled with Dinosaur themed stickers, candy, small plastic dinosaur stencils and other toys.


Young children would have fun following a trail of dinosaur tracks stamped onto paper. You could write easy clues they could solve and follow that would lead them to a lost or stolen inflatable Dinosaur.


Aluminum cake pans come available in a wide range of shapes. You can find egg shaped pans at party stores or dinosaur cake pans as well. After baking your cake shape and removing it from the pan, put it on the back of a cookie sheet to make it easier to frost. Frost the body and tail in a bright color and make the bony plates along the back and down the tail using orange slices candy or sliced gumdrops.

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