Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Ideas for having a dinosaur themed birthday party. Young children are fascinated with dinosaurs.

While children attend elementary school, they become experts on our prehistoric predecessors - the dinosaurs. These often-monstrous animals fascinate the children. They live and sleep dinosaurs. Retailers are aware of this trend and have ample supplies of prehistoric paraphernalia.

A child's birthday is the most exciting day of the year. With such an interest in dinosaurs, why not plan a birthday party around the theme Dinosaurs?

You will need to begin the party preparations by issuing invitations. You can easily find dinosaur invitations in the store, but why not help your child make the invitations for his guests.

Have the child draw and color a different dinosaur on each card. Not only will his guests be happy it's a dinosaur party, they will be impressed with your child's creativity.

In preparation for your child's dinosaur birthday party, have him color various dinosaurs from a coloring book. Cut them out and stick them on the walls where the party will be taking place.

All birthday parties need fun activities and the dinosaur party is filled with T-Rexiffic fun. Try these games at the party:

* dinosaur charades: write out the names of different dinosaurs on individual pieces of paper. Fold them and place them in a hat/bowl/anything. Each guest picks a piece of paper and then acts out the characteristics of his particular dinosaur. For younger children that aren't yet reading, you could tear out pages from a dinosaur coloring book and use them instead of the written word.

* pin the spikes on the Stegosaurus: using a white board (with markers) or a black board (with chalk) draw a stegosaurus (minus the spikes). Cut out spike shapes from construction paper and place some sticky gum/rolled tape on the back of each spike. Each guest is blindfolded and spun. Place the blindfolded child in front of the drawn stegosaurus and have him place the spike where he thinks it should go. This is similar to pin the tail on the donkey.

* hatching dinosaur egg: similar to hot potato, all the children stand in a circle. One child is handed either a water balloon or a real egg. The music starts and the balloon/egg (a.k.a. dinosaur egg) is passed to the next child. No one wants to be left with the dinosaur egg, because that child is out of the game. Continue playing until there is only one child left.

These games are fun for young children and are sure to bring smiles and laughter.

The highlight of the dinosaur party will be the cake shaped as a dinosaur. Bake/buy a slab cake and cut off pieces to build a dinosaur. Choose a dinosaur that is relatively simple to design. Don't be disappointed if the children cannot guess which dinosaur it is suppose to be. If you want the cake to be realistic and you don't have the cake finesse to do it yourself, have one made by a professional.

At the end of your child's dinosaur party, hand out lootbags filled with dinosaur items. You can find many items at the dollar store. Pencils, erasers, stickers, small plastic dinosaurs and sour dinosaur eggs to eat.

Following these ideas will ensure your dinosaur party is fun for your child and his friends.

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