DirectTV Auto Dish Detect Information

By Jennifer Eblin

  • Overview

    DirectTV is one of the largest providers of satellite television in the world. Among the many features it offer users is the Auto Detect option. This is found under the "Settings" section of its menu and allows the user to automatically detect the components and their connection to each other. This makes using the system and troubleshooting problems much easier.
  • Function

    The Auto Detect feature is a function found on the menu of the DirectTV system. The user presses the "Menu" key on the remote control and the "Auto Detect" function from there. The purpose of the function is to locate the dish and connect it and its programs to the rest of the system. The signal from the receiver seeks out the dish and establishes the connection between the two. It can be done when one of the pieces becomes unplugged or if the connection is lost.
  • Features

    When the Auto Detect feature is used, a message will appear on the screen indicating the connection between the various components. The receiver should detect both the tuner and the satellite dish itself and indicate this on the television screen. The Auto Detect option itself is found inside the menu of the receiver, under the "Settings" option. Users can also manually connect the various components, but the Auto Detect option is typically easier to use.

  • Benefits

    One advantage to using the Auto Detect feature is that it allows for easier access when using DirectTV on multiple television sets. Using the manual function tends to result in frustration as the user has to setup each television and receiver with the tuner and dish. With this feature they can simply push a few buttons and know that everything is connected. The feature is also easy to use and many people find that it is an easy way to decipher any connection problems.
  • Warning

    There are some users who experience problems using the Auto Detect function, especially after they have moved one of the components or replaced the cords and wires. In this situation the Auto Detect sometimes fails to detect the dish or the receiver and in some cases fails to detect both. The simple solution to this is to reboot the entire program. Those who have had problems have found that by turning off the system, leaving it sit for a few minutes and then restarting it will cause the Auto Detect feature to now find the hardware.
  • Considerations

    The Auto Detect function also becomes helpful when a user installs the DirectTV lineup and then loses access to any local stations. Those who want their satellite service as well as local channels typically need to use two tuners in their home, one set at a lower frequency to pick up and broadcast the local stations. Running the Auto Detect feature allows the user to see the exact frequency on both tuners. If one is set too high, lowering the setting should result in the local stations returning.
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