What Is A Disadvantage Of Having A Geothermal System?

What is a disadvantage of having a geothermal system? There are chances of equipment failure just like any other type of machine. The biggest disadvantage to them is the added cost. I wouldn't say there...

I wouldn't say there are any real dangers; it is a mechanical piece of equipment like an air conditioner, furnace or a refrigerator for that matter. So it does have a compressor in it and a blower motor and a circulator system for the earth loop, so there are chances of equipment failures. It would be nothing that would be so catastrophic that it would cause any major environmental damage or anything. Like a normal furnace, it would be out of heating or your air conditioner wouldn't work, but other than that it's a very reliable system. There are possibilities for failure but it is usually fairly minimal. The biggest disadvantage to them is the added cost, and that's probably why you don't see more being installed.

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