Disadvantages of Using Scalp Med

By Megan Shannon

  • Overview

    Disadvantages of Using Scalp Med
    Many people suffer from hair loss and will spend outrageous money on products claiming to help hair regrowth. This is because many do not want to undergo any kind of risky treatment for various reasons. While there are many hair growth products to choose from on the market today, it does not mean they will all work. However there are always pros and cons to any kind of product, including Scalp Med.
  • Function

    Scalp Med has been proven to help the distribution of the growth agents and other nutrients in order to revitalize the follicle. This in turn helps the hair grow. Scalp Med offers products for men and women. Both treatments for men and women have been formulated specifically for each gender. Scalp Med has been clinically tested to make certain that the hair bulbs receive all the nutrients they need to maximize hair growth.
  • Cost

    The cost of Scalp Med can easily be a disadvantage to some consumer prospects. The company offers a 60-day trial in which you only pay $14.95 plus $4.95 for standard shipping and handling, totaling $19.90. This is a great trial offer however you must read the fine print. If you are satisfied with your trial and do not cancel or return the used product, you will be shipped another two-month supply but it will cost you $159.80. The monthly cost is $79.90 and you will be automatically billed and the company will charge it to the card you paid with for the trial offer. So you must remember that if you are not satisfied with the trial product to return it within the 60-day trial period. Otherwise you will be billed and sent another shipment.

  • Side Effects

    No matter what kind of medication you are taking and for whatever reason, there is always a chance you will have side effects. However, doing your research before beginning a medication or treatment can help you determine if it is worth trying out for yourself. Some Scalp Med consumers have found their hair ends up oily when using the product which some can overlook more easily than those with say, thinning hair. Other consumers have found that they undergo vision problems while taking Scalp Med. Also, some users have reported that after stopping use of the Scalp Med their hair was falling out faster than it was prior to using the product. The results of this product will vary depending on each individual, but you should always be aware of what you might endure while using the product.
  • Disadvantages

    The disadvantages to Scalp Med vary. For one there is the cost of the product. While the trial run may be cheap, you can plan on spending quite a bit out of pocket for a continuous supply. Around $80 a month is what it will cost you buying direct from the company. Scalp Med also contains Minoxidil. Minoxidil has been said to have its own side effects which include scalp irritation or itchiness, and even a temporary rise in hair loss. Those are the most common minor side effects. The not so common effects include quick or irregular heart beat, sudden increase in weight, swollen feet, hands or face, a slight faintness or dizziness and chest pain. Minoxidil can also be harmful if taken along with other prescription drugs or if you have any medical problems. So before starting any type of serious treatment, such as Scalp Med, it might be wise to check with your doctor first if you are at all skeptical.
  • Time Frame

    Many people that begin a product targeted to help a certain problem usually want to see very quick results. Some products will give you just that but with Scalp Med you won't see results overnight. In order to begin seeing any results you will have to have taken Scalp Med for at least 60 days. Hence their trial offer being a 60-day trial. So if you expect to see instant results you may be somewhat disappointed with Scalp Med. However, the only way to find out if it works for you is to try it out.
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