What Are The Disadvantages Of Wind Energy?

What are the disadvantages of wind energy? Because it depends on when the wind blows, wind energy is less reliable than conventional power. Another disadvantage is that wind towers aren't attractive, which is why many wind towers are located in rural areas.

The downside is that in most places, a lot of the wind is out where there aren't a lot of people, and that is probably because it is not a real comfortable place to live because it is pretty windy. So, there has been a problem in Texas, where wind farms were built faster than the transmission lines to carry the power. So sometimes the wind farms have had to produce at less than full capacity because they cannot get the power out to service the demand.

The developers are probably cherry picking the very most windy areas, right now. But there is also the situation where it may be more difficult to site a project if it is closer to town. You know, that depends on the residents or whether they want to look at towers or not, but in the West Texas where there is nobody to see them, it is pretty easy to assign.

The chief down side of wind is that you are relying on nature and the electricity markets are not very well set up to rely on nature. They are set up to rely on plants that you can switch on and off, when you need them and so utility dispatchers have been less comfortable with the idea for relying on a lot of wind power because they say what happens when the wind is not blowing. So, you know, at the association, we are trying to look at the experience of Europe and look at the experience of places that have more wind on their system to figure out really, you know, how big of a reliability problem it is. We are finding that it is, especially with the levels of wind power that are installed here in the US, which are still very small in most places, but it is not a reliability problem that you do not need a one-to-one back-up. You know, if you have 100 MW of wind power, you do not need a backup of 100 MW, you need some backup, but not as much as people might fear.

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