Discount And Budget Broadway Show Tickets

See broadway shows on a budget! Why pay those high prices for theater tickets when you can see a great show for quite a discount

If you want to see a Broadway production, you probably expect to pay upwards of seventy dollars per ticket. This can get expensive for a family, especially if you've stayed in a hotel, had to eat dinner and paid for expensive NYC parking on top of it.

If it is just a once in a lifetime trip, you probably don't mind the expense of the ticket, but why pay so much for tickets when you don't really have to?

All Broadway shows sell their tickets based on how many they have pre-sold.

There is a huge ticket booth in the middle of the road, right near the theater district, where you can purchase tickets to Broadway shows at 50% off. The shows that are on sale vary each day, depending upon how many seats the Theater has left to sell. Often, you can get a seventy dollar ticket for 35 if you're not choosy about which show you see. Many people don't realize this ticket booth is there until they get to the city and see the huge red letters of the word TICKETS screaming at them!

Another way to get inexpensive tickets is to go to the theater on the day you want to see the show and ask if they have any limited view seating tickets available. Limited view seating tickets can often be purchased for a mere $20 and the only view that is usually limited is a small area in the back of the stage. These tickets are mostly front row tickets and the view of what you can see is spectacular enough to outweigh the small parts you can't. Think of being able to reach out and touch a Broadway actor because you are so close!

One of the best ways to see a Broadway show is to purchase standing room only tickets. These tickets cost only around $15.00 and after the show has started, if there are any empty seats, you can move from your standing spot to a seventy dollar seat! Try not to snicker at the poor guy next to you who paid full price and enjoy the show!

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