Discount Home Furnishing

How to furnish your home at a discount.

If you have purchased a new home, or are trying to furnish an apartment, especially after the initial expenses are incurred, there is often a hole in the budget where there should have been money to decorate and furnish your new abode. If you are looking for good ideas and tips, you most probably fall into this category. Those who have "means" will simply hire a decorator and choose exactly what they want with no thought of the cost. However, you can decorate on a budget and still show tasteful distinction, with a style that suits you and your special personality, which can be very pleasing. So, follow the sound of your own drummer, you live in your home, and it should most definitely suit you!

Look at the design of your dwelling; think about what you want to live with. Form plans (that can be somewhat flexible) as to what could possibly be used that would conform to the layout.

Most likely, at this stage in your life you will not be able to afford expensive wood: however, there are good alternatives to choose from these days. There are options such as plastics, boards made from fibers, and veneers, which can look much like wood, which will serve your needs well, and look presentable.

By purchasing the low cost furnishing to start, you can experiment with your likes and dislikes. You may find what you bought suits you well and later buy the higher end items of the same style. On the other hand, you may decide this is just not "you" and the long-term replacement pieces later on can be a line that better suits you.

If you are a young person just starting, or in a situation such as a divorce, with limited funds, (it is not always just one reason, but could be many) you need not fill your home with everything all at once. We "start out" and "start over" sometimes at any age or progression in our lives.


Paint is economical, that is if you choose a more practically priced brand, and so many colors are available. Use a lighter color to make a small area look larger and brighter. It will look "refreshed," representing a "clean new start." Shelves along a wall can add expansion to the room, and afford a place to put knick knacks and collectibles.

If your wall has cracks and needs repair that is beyond your scope of expertise, then, consider wallpaper. It hides a multitude of imperfections. Choose wallpaper that is easy to hang, and patterns that do not need to be matched, unless you are experienced in that task. Find pictures and wall hangings at flea markets or garage sales. Someone may be tired of a perfectly good picture, and sell it reasonably to your benefit.


Use inexpensive fabrics for window coverings, such as pretty sheets that are on sale, or if you are a seamstress find unique, low cost fabrics to sew. Window curtains can be sewn with straight seams, which is very easy if you are inexperienced in sewing. Borrow a friend's sewing machine and go to work! It does not have to be perfect, the folds and gathers will hide seams that are not completely straight. You can also "drape" the fabric over window hangers, to look neat! Be imaginative. You can extend the curtain rod beyond the frames and give the illusion of a much larger window. Plain shades can be stenciled or covered with fabric for a fabulous look.


Carpet is expensive; in which case you could use area rugs to decorate a bare floor. If you must have a carpet, check for rooms size leftover pieces at you local carpet dealer. These remnants can be very functional and will last for a long time; also, they can be moved with you, as needed. Paint or stencil a concrete floor.


Repaint shabby cabinets. Remove unsightly cabinet doors and leave open: this is a current, popular look. Using a ceiling bracket or pegboards, hang distinctive and unique, perhaps old, pots, and pans on the walls. Go to garage sales, find kitchen items that spark your interest, find special places on the wall or shelves to display your treasures. Pretty potted plants make a dull room "breathe."


Refurbish your old furniture by recovering, painting, and adding new pulls and hardware. Simply cleaning will brighten and bring out the colors of neglected furniture.

Check out flea markets, and used furniture stores, or ads in the newspaper, for furniture, you may find a treasure! Picture in your mind's eye what you can create out of items not meant for furniture, such as file cabinets. Paper them, paint them, stencil them, and place a board on top to make a desk, then decorate the board to match.

-Use a picnic table for a dining room.

-Cover an old functional lawn chair and use inside.

-Cover anything that will stand (table height) with a circular piece of wood and drape with a pretty cut of cloth.for a bedside table or end table.

-Place hinges on louvered doors, or any old unique doors that match, and use for room dividers or screens.

-Willow baskets make good magazine receptacles, or fill them will flora for a wispy airy look.

Whatever you choose to use, make it yours, trust your ability to create something liveable and attractive. Most of all please yourself, and your friends will see your home as your distinctive and special personality!

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