Diseases Of Roses

Are you familiar with the various disease that can affect your roses? To learn more about the causes, effects, and prevention read on...

Do you have a love of roses and wish to grow and enjoy them but you have problems with disease among your plants? Perhaps my descriptions and suggestions will be of help to you. First of all, numerous pests and diseases will infest roses at one time or another, and this can depend largely on the localilty and your weather.

The most known diseases of roses are mildew, rust and black spot, these are within the tissue of the rose plant (on the leaves, bark or wood), or on the fallen leaves and twigs.

Usually they are present more in the rose garden, waiting for their favorite conditions in the spring. When you have early removal and also burning of those fallen leaves and prunings, not only in the spring, but at all times, this will greatly eliminate a lot of the sources of the infection that befalls our roses. Think about spraying your rose plants with lime-sulpher (one part to nine parts of water), or perhaps another fungicide before the buds start as it is the best answer. Your local nursery in your area can be of much help to you.

Black Spot: If you will spray or dust with some fungicide as soon as the leaves are well formed you'll be ahead of the disease as when the spores grminate on the foliage or canes wet with fog, rain or dew you may stop them in their tracks.

If you wait till these threadlike branching tissues enter and develop within the leaves sometimes they are beyond the reach of fungicides. Then in a few days you will see black spots apear and then the leaves turn yellow and fall off. It usually cannot be cured but can be largely prevented. You should dust or spray immediately after or some prefer before, I prefer after a rain or shower. I also seem to have good results by applying a fungicide at weekly intervals.

Mildew: Mildew appears as a white, powdery fungus growth at the tips of the branches, buds and leave. Usually it is more prevalent in cooler weather. I find that it is usally prevented and most of the time largely eradicated by the same method I use as stated above for Black Spot or by dusting with sulphur.

Brown Canker: This is a fungus that shows up with light chestnut brown spots with purplish margins and ash grey centers in the autumn of the year, look for it mainly on the stems and canes.

Rose Rust: This is more prevalent in the west. It usually shows up as small orange spots on the underside of the leaves as light orange to yellow spots on upper surfaces. Be sure to always check under the leaves on your roses, this is of major importance. Sulphur fungicides are recommended to control this type of disease.

I find in obtaining beautiful blooms on my roses and having attractive plants I need to watch carefully my leaves, etc. to determine if problems are occurring. Remember, if you keep a sharp eye out for these diseases and take care of your roses they will certainly repay you with their beauty.

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