Dishwasher Feature Reviews

What features are available in dishwashers today?

With so many types of dishwashers available, reviewing the features and not just the style and looks is

important to the buyer. If the dishwasher looks good but doesn't perform to your satisfaction then you

have wasted money on what looks new and improved but lacks function. Consider the following features

available on dishwashers now:

Drying cycle

Most dishwashers have a heated drying cycle which is wonderful for sturdy dishes and posts and pans.

Many newer dishwashers now offer a drying cycle without heat for fragile items, such as china and silver,

as well as some plastics.

Adjustable Racks

Some of the new dishwashers offer adjustable racks that can move up or down to allow more room as

needed. These adjustable racks are wonderful for extra tall glasses on the top rack. Vinyl racks are the

most cost effective but nylon racks are the most durable.

Special Cycles

Special cycles are available for pots and pans, short washes, light washes, automatic washes and cycles

for crystal and china. These cycles vary in time and temperature, depending on the cycle chosen. Pots

and pans cycles are longer than normal washes and have higher temperatures in order to clean pots and

pans. A short wash and light wash are shorter than normal wash cycles and are ideal for lightly soiled

dishes. An automatic cycle is set for a specific time and type of wash. Crystal and china cycles are not

only shorter in time but operate on a "gentle cycle". An extra rinse cycle is also available.

Noise Control

The noise of a dishwasher is controlled by the amount and placement of insulation on each dishwasher.

The cheaper dishwashers have insulation on the top only while others have insulation on the top and both

sides. Some companies have a proprietary scheme for the insulation.

Water Temperature

Most dishwashers have a certain set temperature but it is dependent on the accuracy of your own hot

water heater. Many newer dishwashers have an automatic temperature control, allowing the "brains" of

the dishwasher to determine water temperature and increase it as necessary.

Silverware Baskets

Some silverware baskets are fixed and immovable while others are movable. These moveable baskets

offer ease when unloading the dishwasher. Other silverware baskets are space saving and placed in the

door of the dishwasher. Movable baskets allow greater choice with large items, allowing the silverware

baskets to be removed totally to allow room for large items.

Cup Shelf

The upper rack of the dishwasher can be fixed or have a "cup shelf". The cup shelf is a hinged shelf that

folds down over the base rack, allowing for a double-decker type of shelf. This is a space saving feature.

Fold Down Tines and Stem Holders

Ball tip tines are used for fragile glasses. Ball tip tines have rounded ends as opposed to straight ends.

These ball tip tines help keep fragile glasses safer in the dishwasher cycle. Fold down tines are hinged

tines that allow for different and fragile stemware to remain secure throughout the dishwashing cycle.

Food Disposer

Many of us clean our plates before using the dishwasher, but there are many dishwasher models that

dispose of food, allowing us to skip this step. A food disposer incorporated in the dishwasher is a great

help but most of us still rinse our dishes first. The newest food disposers skip this step.

From Warming to Sanitizing

Dishwashers not only clean the dishes, but offer plate warming and sanitizing options. Plate warming is

great for a party and sanitizing is invaluable for the health conscious.

Options Today

Options today include all the above options plus many more. What type of "tub" will you have? Plastic

tubs are the least expensive. Porcelain tubs are much more durable but stainless steel is the best for

durability. Sizes of dishwashers range from apartment sized to normal sized and now the tub size is

considered. Some tub sizes are now stacked vertically.

Dishwashers today are no longer considered a luxury but are a large expenditure for most families.

Comparing the features of dishwashers will help each family decide what their priority is. A dishwasher

should help lessen the load !

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