How To Display Your Bridal Bouquet

Creative ways to display wedding bouquets, includes using a shadow box or framing your wedding portrait. Information on treating the flowers.

Brides put lots of time and effort into choosing the perfect flowers and arrangement for their wedding bouquet, so it is a shame that so many beautiful bouquets get thrown away after the wedding.There are several ways to turn your bouquet into a treasured keepsake, so that you can look at it in the years to come with the same nostalgic feelings that you will get when you flip through the pages of your wedding album.Having your bouquet professionally preserved is always an option that is available to you, but it is often quite costly.You can do it all by yourself, and it will be much more affordable, just as beautiful, and far more creative and unique!Here are some ideas:


A shadow box is a clear plastic or glass container that can be used to display items.You should be able to find shadow boxes at your local crafts store.Before purchasing one, measure your bouquet.Your box should be about two inches taller than your bouquet.On the bottom "floor" of your box (the side that will be parallel to the floor when you hang your shadow box), glue a sturdy stick with one blunt end and one pointed end, pointed end up.The stick should be half as long as the stems on your bouquet.Firmly but carefully push your flowers onto the stick by pushing the pointed end of the stick into the center of your stems. At this point, you could simply close up the shadow box and display the bouquet as it is, or you could create a background for the bouquet before you display it.To create a background, use a piece of fabric, a photograph, a piece of mirrored glass, or an illustration.Mount your shadow box at eye level on a wall in your home.

**You can modify this idea in a few ways.By suspending the bouquet in the middle of your shadow box with fishing line or clear thread, it will appear as if your bouquet is floating.You could also make the focal point of your bouquet an aerial view (so that the flowery top part of the bouquet is facing outwards, not upwards.If you elect to display your bouquet in this manner, trim the stems down to about two inches first.


Your wedding portrait is likely to be prominently displayed in your home.Rather than purchasing an expensive frame for the picture, you can dress up a very inexpensive one with the flowers from your bridal bouquet.Find a basic frame (in the size that your portrait requires).The frame should be made of wood, and it should not have any rides or curves.Break the flower tops off of the stems - be very careful, or they will fall apart!Coat the frame with wood glue, and cover it with lace or another fabric, such as satin.Next, cover the fabric with fabric glue, and mount the flowers over the glue before it dries.You can also take the leaves off of your bouquet to fill in spaces between the flowers.If you want to take this idea a step further, paint thin lines of glue onto the flowers and dust them with glitter.


Surely you have heard of flower-pressing as a common flower preservation technique.Rather than pressing your flowers between two books, press your bouquet between two pieces of glass.Over the course of thirty days, keep gradually pushing the two pieces of glass closer and closer together until the bouquet is completely pressed.The advantage to having two clear glass sides is that you can wait until you are done pressing to decide with vantage point is the best for display.


Find a decorative basket that does not have any handles.The basket has to be large enough for you to fit the fullest part of your bouquet into the center of it and still have three inches remaining around it.Cut the stems of your bouquet so that they are just long enough to hold the bouquet together.Fill a short glass halfway with glue, and set the bouquet's short stems into the glue-filled glass.Once the glue has dried, apply more glue to the bottom of the glass.Firmly press the glass into the center of the inside of the basket.Surround your bouquet with potpourri in similar colors to your bouquet's colors.Use this potpourri basket as a table centerpiece for your kitchen or dining room.

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