Disposable Diaper Brand Reviews

Reviews and comparisons of the major disposable diaper brands.

If you have made the decision to use disposable diapers for your baby, either all the time or just for when you are traveling, but which diapers should you use? Learn the pros and cons of many of the major brands in these easy to understand disposable diaper reviews.


Pampers are one of the priciest diaper brands on the market, but does that translate to also being the best? In some circumstances, it seems to. Pampers offers several lines of diapers; their Swaddlers diapers are made for newborns and babies while the Custom-Fit Cruisers are for older babies and toddlers. The Custom-Fit Cruisers have won several diaper comparisons for absorbency and leak prevention. The Swaddlers have extra back padding to absorb where inactive newborns need it the most. Both Pampers lines are very soft and stretchy, making for a good fit and ideal comfort for baby.


Huggies is another well-known national brand and at a slightly lower price point than Pampers, they offer excellent absorbency and fit. Their premium line Huggies Supreme is a little softer and has more stretch than their basic diaper, the Huggies Baby-Shaped. Parent satisfaction ratings are quite high with Huggies, and like Pampers they have won several awards. Huggies have a cloth-like, breathable outer cover.


Luvs are bargain-priced national brand disposables. While they are not as absorbent as their competitors Pampers and Huggies, for newborns they are usually adequate. Their designs are form-fitting, the material is soft and flexible and the tab closures are re-closable for easy of use and adjustment. The outer cover of the diaper is coated in a thin plastic that the manufacturer attests is breathable. Luvs have a licensed Barney character on them; some parents like or dislike them solely based on this fact. For those looking for cost savings, Luvs may be an ideal choice.

Seventh Generation:

Looking for a more natural disposable diaper? Check out Seventh Generation disposables. These chlorine free, hypoallergenic diapers are free of many of the chemicals that are used in the major brands. Users rate them as being soft and generously sized as well as adequately absorbent. They are a little bulkier than Pampers and Huggies. The Seventh Generation tabs have both tape and Velcro.

Store Brands:

Many of the major retailers offer store brand diapers for bargain prices. While you may find one that suits your needs, generally the store brands are less absorbent and stretchy than their brand name competitors. They tend not to be as fitted or soft as their market opponents, either. Of the store brands, Wal-Mart's White Clouds have some passionate followers for their absorbent cores and ultra stretchy waist and legs. Bargain diapers are substantially less expensive than the name brands so going this route can save you well over one hundred dollars per year.

Since babies have unique shapes and parents have different preferences, weigh the available features but ultimately you will need to select the best diaper for your household. Remember that many manufacturers offer coupons and check their websites for free sample offers to try different brands without investing in entire packages.

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