Disposable Diaper Feature Reviews

Choosing a disposable diaper can be confusing with the several differnt types available. Here is a review of the features to look for when selecting a diaper.

Disposable diaper feature review

Disposable diapers are by far the preferred way of diapering a baby today. Most parents think that the more expensive the diaper, the better it keeps baby dry and prevents leaks. However, many store and discount brands of diapers are very comparable to the most expensive name brands. There are several features to consider when selecting the appropriate diaper for your baby.

Choosing the right size is very important when buying diapers. The diaper package usually recommends choosing the size of diaper by your baby's weight. This is a good starting point for finding the right size. But many parents find that even though their baby is wearing the right size based on weight, the diaper still doesn't have a good fit. You may have to go up a size depending on the diaper and your baby's shape. Don't buy a lot of diapers at one size, especially the first few months. Babies tend to grow quickly, especially when first born. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a super jumbo pack of diapers, and only using a few before your baby needs the next size up. For night time use, you may want to use diapers the next size up. The bigger the size, the more the diaper will hold. Since babies usually go for a while at night without a new diaper, using a larger size can help prevent leaks and help baby feel drier.

Today's disposable diapers are often heavily perfumed. Some parents prefer this in a diaper. They feel it can help minimize the stinky diaper smell in their baby's nursery and on their baby! However, some parents don't like using heavily perfumed products on their baby's delicate skin. Some also think that diapers with perfume contribute to diaper rash. If you prefer non-perfumed diapers, be sure to read the package carefully to make sure it reads hypoallergenic. Or just smell the diaper package before you buy.

Keeping baby dry and comfortable are the most important feature of disposable diapers. Today's disposable diapers come with elastic leg and waist openings. These can make the diaper fit your baby better and help prevent leaks by keeping the diaper snug against your baby, even when baby is crawling and walking. Today's disposable diapers are super absorbent, which also helps keep baby feeling drier for longer periods of time.

How diaper fastens is also an important feature to look for when choosing a diaper. Most disposable diapers today close with Velcro type closures. This makes it easier to check baby and re-close the diaper. However, it also makes it easier for baby to remove the diaper. If this is a problem, some parents find that putting the diaper on backwards can help prevent baby from removing the diaper. Some parents find the tabs of their diapers pull of easily, which not only can waste a perfectly good diaper, it also poses a chocking hazard.

Today's disposable diapers are a huge improvement from disposable diapers in previous generations. They have more breathable covers, which can cut down on diaper rash, they are easier to close with the Velcro-like tabs, and they are better at keeping baby dry for long periods of time. However, no one will be able to find a perfect diaper. Even with the best diaper, babies can still develop a diaper rash, and all diapers leak at one time or another. Ultimately the best diaper often depends on your baby's size and shape. Make sure you try several types before deciding on the best diaper for you and your baby.

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