About Disposable Shoe Covers

By Lesley Barker

  • Overview

    Disposible shoe covers are used by tradespeople who do work in the homes of their customers so that they will not track in any dirt from the outside. They are also used to protect the shoes of people like plumbers, factory workers and exterminators from the toxic or invasive materials in which they must step. Medical and food service workers also wear disposible shoe covers to keep their work environment germ-free.
  • Considerations

    Disposible shoe covers are made from polypropelene which is a thermoplastic polymer, a strong but flexible impermeable material that won't melt until 320 degrees F. It is the same material used in water bottles that have a flip-top. It is also used to make rugs, mats and ropes. Polypropelene was first developed in the chemical laboratory of the German Dr. Karl Rehn in 1951.
  • Function

    Waterproof disposible shoe covers are used in the construction, plumbing, HVAC and pest control industries. They come in slip-resistant plastic in various colors so that they can coordinate with a uniform. Because they are molded and don't have any seams, wearing them protects the workers' own shoes from becoming stained or destroyed by the chemicals and biological toxins that they encounter on a daily basis.

  • Types

    Cheaper non-waterproof disposible shoe covers protect carpet, tile and wood floors from dirt and scratches. They are worn as a courtesy by realtors and professional tradesmen who provide services in their customers' homes.
  • Significance

    Medical grade disposible shoe covers are made from spunbonded polypropelene sheets which are sewn together and also have a tight-fitting elastic opening on top. These are non-skid, static-free and latex-free. Everyone who enters an operating theater in a hospital must put on a pair of these disposible shoe covers so that they do not contaminate the sterile environment.
  • Cost

    Disposible shoe covers come in cases of 150 pairs. The most expensive are the water-proof ones which cost about $60 per case. A case of medical grade disposible shoe covers costs around $40, while a case of the least expensive ones cost about $35.
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