How Do I Dispute The Information On My Credit Report?

How do I dispute the information on my credit report? You can dispute your credit report in writing to the appropriate credit bureau(s) to raise your credit score. You should dispute directly with the company...

You should dispute directly with the company that granted the credit. In writing, you should say that the information is incorrect, ask them to please correct it and report it to the bureau. Now there are what they call future service contracts just like dating services and time-shares. The bureau doesn't let you do it yourself, because it causes too many disputes and problems.

When you get your credit report, on the back they will have addresses of the bureaus in fine print to send a dispute. We encourage people to be as explicit as possible in what they want the bureau to do, as well as submit any supporting documentation that could uphold their case. We feel that it is better to send the dispute in writing than to do it online. You can do it online if you want.

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