Diy Beauty: Homemade Toothpaste For Whitening Your Teeth

A guide to using cheap hosehold items in place of bleach kits and dental visits to achieve an instantly whiter smile.

Who doesn't want their teeth to shine a brilliant white? But bleach kits and dental appointments can be so expensive. And regular whitening toothpastes just don't get the job done. Stop hiding your smile! There is an inexpensive way to brighten your pearly whites without spending loads of money. And the best part is you can do it at home any time you want to.

While none of these solutions should be used as a substitute for cleaning teeth, they are certainly helpful for whitening.

One surprise whitening agent is something you might actually eat quite often, strawberries. The seeds in strawberries act as an abrasive that is gentle enough not to harm your teeth but effective enough to whiten. Using strawberries to whiten can be as easy as crushing the strawberries until they are somewhat pulpy and then simply rubbing or brushing the strawberry pulp onto your teeth.

Some toothpastes found on grocery shelves contain baking soda and peroxide. Both of these ingredients can be found in most households, but even if you don't already have these items sitting on your shelves they can be purchased for very little money at any local grocery store. To make a simple paste you can mix 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide with 2 teaspoons of baking soda. This is an excellent way to effectively remove stains from your teeth because it can be used regularly and it costs next to nothing. If you have sensitive gums or teeth you may want to try it once and discontinue use if it causes problems.

While the baking soda and peroxide mixture works well, it is not very tasty. The above mentioned strawberries can be added to the mixture to create a more tolerable flavor. Just use the same amount of baking soda and peroxide and add four or five pulpy strawberries. Mix together and brush.

While sugar is a great abrasive, it is not good for the teeth so it is not recommended that you use sugar as a tooth whitener. Sugar is known to cause cavities and rotting in teeth. Salt, however, is well suited for this purpose. Fine grained table salt is not the best choice, because it is not coarse enough to remove stains well. You will need to purchase some sea salt for this task. Sea salt's grains are much larger and so work better as an abrasive. Do not mix the salt in water before brushing, as this will dissolve the grains and defeat the purpose. Salt can be used alone by rubbing it directly on to teeth. It might be easier to add it into a paste like the one mentioned above. For this to work properly, mix the baking soda and peroxide together first and once it forms a past, then add the sea salt, (remember that you don't want to dissolve the salt in liquid). You can even add salt to the strawberry paste for extra abrasiveness.

Remember to brush teeth twice daily in addition to using your new whitening pastes once or twice each week for a dazzling white smile.

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