Diy Beauty Products: Mint And Citrus Facial Toner Recipe

If you want a salon quality facial toner for a fraction of the price, you will love the results of this simply delicious recipe. Save money with homemade products.

Although most women have a daily skin care regimen, few of them realize that their routines are incomplete. Cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing are all vital if you want a glowing complexion, but you also need to use a toner to achieve flawless skin. This is because toners do what no other product can by grabbing every last trace of makeup, dirt, and cleanser residue. A visit to your local cosmetics department will yield dozens of fancy toners with exotic ingredients like mint and citrus extracts. Such products are absolutely effective, but there is a cheaper way to get their results. You can make a homemade version at home by following this easy recipe.

Why Use a Toner?

Toners offer people of every skin type numerous benefits. Also known as astringents and facial refreshers, their main power lies in their ability to wipe away anything left behind after cleansing. Of course, the majority of environmental residue, excess oil, and makeup are removed during washing, but following up with toner finishes the job. Toner is also great for reviving the skin when washing just isn't convenient. For instance, you can carry along a small bottle of toner to use at work, parties, and just about any other events. These products are especially coveted by people with oily skin. Their alcohol content decreases the amount of oil on the skin, which leads to less shine throughout the day. Toners also tighten pores and have a cooling sensation, benefits that everyone can appreciate. In short, toners are a great way to completely clean your face and keep it looking great all the time.


As mentioned earlier, alcohol is a common ingredient in toners. However, because alcohol can exacerbate dryness, people with parched skin may wish to leave it out of their recipe. Instead, they can substitute it for an equal amount of witch hazel, a plant extract that works similarly to alcohol without depleting moisture. Having said that, people who prefer the original recipe will need to obtain the right kind of alcohol. Under no circumstances should you use rubbing alcohol in your recipe since it is a potential skin, eye, and sinus irritant.Instead, I recommend using vodka. Although potent, it is wonderful for cosmetics when properly diluted. This and distilled water comprise the majority of the recipe.

The ingredients that give this toner recipe its invigorating fragrance and tingle can be altered depending on your tastes and resources. While at the liquor store, you may wish to see if they carry mint or orange water, both of which are popular in mixed drinks. If you cannot find them, you can make your own using fresh fruits and herbs. Simply boil a cup of distilled water, add a tablespoon of lemon zest, orange zest, or spearmint leaves, and bottle the mixture. Let it sit for a week, strain out the solids, and your water is ready to use. For those who prefer a quicker fix, essential oils of lemon, orange, and mint work equally well. All you need to do is add five to six drops of oil per cup of distilled water.


Once you have assembled all your ingredients, locate a container to store the toner in. Most drug stores sell small spray bottles and plastic containers that will work well. Now you can blend four tablespoons of citrus water, four tablespoons of mint water, and one tablespoon of alcohol in a glass bowl. Keep in mind that this is a small recipe, so double it if you like to make a larger batch. After all, your toner is bound to go quickly once you start using it! Use a funnel to transfer the liquid into your final container. Secure the lid and you are ready to use your refreshing facial creation.

How to Use Your Toner

You should use your toner every day after you wash your face and before you apply moisturizer. It can also be used conveniently throughout the day. I would recommend saturating a clean cotton ball with toner and wiping it over the entire face. Repeat the process with new cotton balls until you can see no more traces of dirt on them. In this way, you more effectively wipe away residue. However, if you just want to decrease shine in between cleansings, try applying toner with a fine mist spray bottle. Just be sure to close your eyes tightly if you do so since the ingredients sting when they get into the eyes.

Once you start seeing the benefits of toner, you will wonder how you ever did without it. Your complexion will become clearer since excess oil and dirt will not have the opportunity to cause blemishes. Your skin will appear firmer and your pores will be less noticeable. The shine that once plagued you will no longer be a problem. And if all of that isn't enough, you will also get to enjoy your citrus mint toner's uplifting scent every time you use it. For everyone who craves the feeling of salon pampering but also loves a bargain, this is an ideal recipe to try.

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