Diy bridal shower party favors and centerpieces

You can make easy and unique bridal shower party favors and centerpieces. Included are instructions for making potpourri ornaments, lace hearts, and decorated wedding candles.

Bridal shower favors are a wonderful way to express kindness and appreciation to guests. Not only are they a way of expressing gratitude, bridal shower favors also make nice table decorations. It's beneficial to make your own party favors and centerpieces because they can be designed to match your particular theme and color scheme. You will save money and you'll have party favors and centerpieces that are better suited for your wedding shower.

You can make unique potpourri ball ornaments to use as decorations for your bridal shower. When the shower is over, these beautiful party favors can be handed out to guests or given away as prizes.

To make one potpourri ball ornament you will need a clear plastic Christmas tree ornament with a removable top, ½ yard of lace, ½ yard of narrow satin ribbon, scissors, small artificial flowers, a glue gun, and potpourri of your choice. Choose ribbon, lace, flowers, and potpourri to match the color scheme of your bridal shower.

Begin by taking off the top of the ornament. Fill the ornament with small pieces of colorful potpourri. Break up the pieces if necessary so they'll fit through the hole. When the ornament is full, replace the top.

Use a glue gun to attach lace around the top of the ornament. The lace can be wrapped around once, or you can wrap it around a few times to create multiple layers. While the glue is drying, remove several artificial flower blooms from their stems by clipping them or carefully pulling them off. Also, remove the foliage from the flower stems. Glue the foliage around the top of the ornament above the lace, and carefully glue them to the foliage.

Finish the potpourri ball ornament by attaching narrow satin ribbon to the ring on the top. Scatter potpourri in the center of each table and carefully arrange the ornaments in the center, or hang them around the room. Pass them out as attendance gifts or offer them as prizes.

Another unique bridal shower favor you can make is a lacy potpourri heart. These beautiful hearts can be hand-stitched or sewed by machine, and they are very simple to make.

For this project you will need enough lace material for the number of hearts you require, colorful potpourri, matching thread, scissors, a heart-shaped pattern, and 1/8 inch wide satin ribbon.

To make one potpourri heart, begin by folding the lace over to make a double layer. Use a heart-shaped pattern, and cut out two lace hearts of equal size. Place potpourri in the center of one heart, and place the other heart on top. Sew them together, and tie a piece of satin ribbon to the top.

Put a heart at each place setting, or randomly place them on the tables. Pass them out to guests before they leave, or offer them as prizes.

Candles make lovely centerpieces for bridal showers. They are easily embellished, are relatively inexpensive, and they can be designed to match any color scheme.

To make one candle centerpiece you will need a large candle with 3 wicks, small artificial roses attached to wires, scissors, straight pins with pearl heads, an inexpensive saucer, and two braided bead bridal headbands. The roses, headbands, and pins are available at most craft stores.

Begin by wrapping a headband around the top of the candle, approximately 2 inches from the top. Secure the headband to the candle by twisting the ends of the wire together. Wrap the second headband around the base of the candle and secure the ends.

Trim the wires attached to the roses so they are about ½ inch in length. Push the wires into the candle so the roses are equally spaced all the way around. Further decorate the wedding candle by inserting straight pins with pearl heads into the wax.

Place the candle on a saucer, and use it as a table centerpiece. Make one wedding candle for each round table, and two or three for each long table. When the wedding shower is over, give them away as prizes if you wish.

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