Diy Christmas Ornaments: Felt And Beaded Ornaments

Dress up your Christmas tree with sparkly homemade ornaments. They are so easy to make, the whole family can help!

Dress up your Christmas tree with sparkly homemade ornaments. They are so easy to make, the whole family can help!


2 pieces of flexible poster board

1 piece of 12 x 18 felt in the color of your choosing for each ornament


embroidery thread


glass beads


1) Decide on the shapes you want to use for ornaments. Some lovely holiday inspired shapes such as Christmas trees and snowflakes would be perfect, however, the shapes don't all have to be Christmas inspired. For example, a heart-shaped ornament would also make a beautiful addition to a Christmas tree.

2) Go to a craft or fabric store and purchase felt in colors that would be appropriate for the shapes you chosen. For example, an orange Christmas tree my look a little outrageous so get enough green felt to make as many Christmas trees as you want and do the same with the other shapes.

3) While you are at the store purchasing felt, go ahead and grab some embroidery thread as well. The embroidery thread will be seen, so choose colors that complement the color of felt it will be paired with. For example, you have already selected green felt for the Christmas tree ornament you will make. Green embroidery thread will not show up against green thread s go with yellow or red instead to provide a contrast.

4) Before you leave, buy small glass beads in a variety of colors, including clear for better sparkle.

Step by step instruction:

1) Begin the project by measuring out the 12 x 18 inch piece of felt and cut it off from the rest. When you have enough felt cut, set it aside.

2) Next, draw (or trace if you have a picture) one of each shape that you will be using on to the poster board. Leave adequate room in between each picture for cutting.

3) Cut out the shapes carefully. Start with one, let's say the Christmas tree, and put the other cut-out shapes aside until you need them.

4) Get one 12 x 18 piece of green felt and fold it in half to make two 6 x 9 inch pieces. Don't cut the fabric in half, just fold it. On one side, lay down the poster board Christmas tree and trace it with a marker.

5) Cut out the Christmas tree shape, keeping the fabric folded in half. This will produce two identical pieces of felt cut to a Christmas tree shape.

6) Now with the needle and thread sew beads onto one side of the Christmas tree. Sew them on randomly or in rows to make them look like Christmas lights.

7) After the beads are sewn on, put the identical tree to the back and with the embroidery thread, stitch the two trees together to make one.

8) Pull a thread through both sides or the top and center of the ornament and cut the thread with several inches of free thread hanging from either side.

9) Knot the free ends of the thread and then it is ready to be hung on a Christmas tree.

Repeat these steps with the other poster board pieces to make all of the other shapes.

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