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Making handcrafted soap labels is fun, easy and saves you money. After learning a good computer program you will be able to use good design basics to design labels and more.

If you are making your own handcrafted soap, you will need a label for the individual bars that you hand cut. If you are using the soaps for your own personal use or if you are making the soap for profit, you should have a label. Anytime you make a product, you want to try and keep the overhead costs to a minimum. Making your own labels can be rewarding and fun but most of all it can save you money.

By using computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Printmaster Gold and/or Illustrator, you can make very unique labels of any size and style. Visit a store where they sell computer programs and learn about the differences of each program. Find out which one suits your needs. The price ranges differ greatly. After you choose your program, learn to use it well. After you do this it is time to makes labels.

Knowing how to use your chosen computer program is something to do first. There are many things you need to know before actually going through the process of making and printing out a label, no matter which program you decide to use.

First, decide on what kind of paper you want the labels to be printed on. It can be waterproof paper if you want, but that is really not needed if your soap is cured thoroughly. There are soap supply companies on the Internet where you can purchase soap makers paper. Also, specialty shops online have good quality papers for soapers. They have many styles, colors and designs to choose from. Your local office supply store has many types of paper to choose from also. Choose a medium weight paper, such as a twenty four pound paper.

Then you need to figure out the size of the label you want for your soap bar. A common type of label is the cigar band style that wraps around the bar leaving the ends open. Most are about three inches wide and six and a half inches long, but measure your soap bar to be sure of the size. Add a half inch for overlap.

Decide what you want to put on your label and where you want to put it. Some information will go on the front; some will go elsewhere on the label. Things you will want on your label are the name of the soap, your company name and logo, contact information and ingredients. It is not a law that you put ingredients on the label of handcrafted soap, but you should be using quality ingredients in your soap making, and that in itself will be a selling point. So having your ingredients listed is a good idea. Also, people who are sensitive or have allergies will surely read your ingredients.

Design your label so that it will stand out from other soap labels. Sometimes simple labels are best. If you use colored paper, be sure you will be able to see the print well. When designing a label you should be able to read everything well. Tell something about your soap, for added interest. Don't make the label too busy or too crowded, but make it interesting. Be sure to lead the eye around the label easily by making stops for the eye here and there. Don't use too many different fonts on your label. Stick with a simple to read font that prints out well.

You can download photos onto your labels if your desire. Do not use anyone else's pictures or photos, just use your own and the labels will be even better. Leave some white space on your label and don't try to fill up every little inch of it.

Once you get the design of your label figured out, you can make a template of the design for ease of use in making all your labels. The template will have the information that will be the same on every label such as your logo, name and contact info. Then just the name of the soap will be filled in for each different soap. Labels are an important part of your soap making process. Learn good design basics such as balance, proportion, color and repetition. Use these tips and your labels will stand out.

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