Diy Crafts: Letter Plaque Wall Art

Wooden letter plaques are great for various projects around the house. Here are a few ideas for using and decorating them.

Wooden letters can be found at most craft or department stores and come in a variety of sizes, from very small to huge, and assorted thicknesses. They are usually cut from natural wood and are not painted or stained, giving you the opportunity to decorate them any way you want. Usually they'll have to be sanded somewhat, then painted or decorated. The letters can be used for very many projects from placing the family name beside the front door, to identifying a child's room. Those are mostly standard ideas for using the letters, but you can also use them to decorate unconventionally, too.

Use them to monogram kitchen cabinets, dressers or headboards. Purchase letters to spell "CUPS" or "COFFEE" and screw a "C" hook into the bottom portion of each letter, for hanging coffee cups in the kitchen. Something similar can be done in the bathroom by spelling out "TOWELS" or "HOOKS". In a kid's room you can spell out "STUFF" or the name of your child. Use the letters to place the first initial of the occupant on each bedroom door. Spell out "WELCOME" across the top of your front door, or the family name across the fire place mantle. Attach magnets to the back of a letter to monogram the refrigerator or freezer. Make a door hanger that says "AWAKE" on one side and "ASLEEP" on the other side, for a baby's room, or make one that says "ENTER" on one side and "KNOCK" on the other side for a parent's bedroom or any bedroom.

You can use the letters to make a hot dish holder for the kitchen table by gluing together the letters "HOT", or "PAN". Or, decorate them in the theme of your kitchen, like strawberries, then use them to spell out "EAT" above the table, "TOAST" by the toaster, and "COOK" above the stove.

Outside use them to monogram the mailbox, the garage or carport, or each side of the entrance railing of your deck. The letters can be decorated with coordinating colors of the room by painting them or using decoupage to attach pictures or decorative paper on the letters. You can also use a pencil eraser dipped in paint to litter the letters with polka dots. Another easy way to decorate is to hold a string by each end, dip in paint, and lay the string across the letter. Do this until the entire letter is striped. Go the other direction to make a cris-cross pattern. You can use rub-ons or stickers, for an easy decorating job. To leave them natural, just sand slightly and add a coat of polyurethane.

The letters don't have to be used at home; they can be used at a business or in a classroom. For small children's classes, use them to spell out "COATS" over the coat rack, "BOOK BAGS" over the storage area, or "TIME OUT" for the punishment corner. They can spell out "OFFICE" at a business or even "BREAK ROOM", or "BATHROOMS".

Use the small, flat letters to monogram luggage, glue letters to spell "GARDEN" and attach them to a garden stake, or use them to letter different things in the garage like "SCREWS", "TOOLS", or "NAILS", above their storage areas.

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