Diy Crafts: Make Wall Hangings From Platters, Plates And Pie Pans

Platters, plates and pie pans aren't just for cooking and serving, you can also make beautiful wall hanging crafts to go with your home decor with these tips, ideas and instructions.

Plates, platters and pie pans make impressive wall hangings, especially for the kitchen, but some can be made into arrangements for other rooms as well. Platters for special occasions, like Christmas or Thanksgiving are easy finds before the holidays and can be hung as is or decorated and hung. Cloth hangers, which have a sticky pad and a metallic hanger piece, can be used to hang lightweight platters, but heavy platters need to be set on a shelf. Platters which are unpainted can be painted before hanging, and you can also glue a pretty ribbon around the edge of the platter.

Collector plates are generally placed on a plate holder, but you can use the cloth hangers to hang them in the kitchen or dining room. To make your own special plate, you can print one large, round sticker on your printer to affix to the center of the plate. It can be an old country store scene, fruit in a basket, or a "Home Sweet Home" sticker. After placing the sticker, use glitter glue to do the border of the plate, or glue a ribbon around the edges and add a bow on top. You can also decoupage a picture on the center of the plate, or use decoupage glue to make a collage of pictures on the plate. The pictures can come from a magazine or another source. Place the first picture on any spot on the plate, then turn the next picture a different way and decoupage it on to the plate, and so forth until the area you wish is covered. Place the cloth hanger on back and hang.

Metal pie pans can be used to make a frame for a photo by cutting the photo the size of the bottom interior of the pie pan and gluing the picture to the bottom. You can add raffia, cord or ribbon to the edges of the picture, and then enhance the frame by using a metallic paint to cover the pie pan. Place the cloth hanger on the back and hang in bedroom, living room or den. The picture doesn't have to be a photograph of someone you love; it can be a picture, torn from a magazine, of Native Americans. After gluing the photo to the bottom, Line the interior sides of the pie pan with colorful rocks, beads, or paint it in a Native American pattern. Use hot glue to affix small strips of leather to the side of the pan, and then thread the strip with beads, and end with a feather hanging down. Do the same on the opposite side. Across the top, place a feather going from the center top to the outer edge, then another feather going from the center top to the opposite side. Place a large bead or stone where the two feathers meet in the middle at the top. The pie pan needs to be the metallic type, rather than the disposable, foil pans.

You can find mirrors of all shapes and sizes at your local craft store. Purchase a round mirror, 8 or 9 inches in diameter, depending upon the size of the pie pan. Glue the mirror onto the open side of the pie pan, then use whatever you want to edge the mirror, like shells or seed beads. You can also use foam shapes or miniatures to make a scene in the pie pan, like a snowman, with Santa and reindeer, and pine trees in the background. The scene can be at the beach, animals in the woods or whatever you imagine. If you're somewhat of an artist, just paint the inside of the pie pan in any manner you wish. Always check the weight limits on the cloth hangers to be sure that they can hold the weight of the finished project.

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