Diy: Creating A Christmas Candy Centerpiece

Creating a Christmas candy centerpiece is a festive and fun way to celebrate the Christmas holiday. It is also inexpensive and easy.

Creating a Christmas candy centerpiece is a festive and fun way to celebrate the Christmas holiday.It is also inexpensive and easy.

Christmas is a wonderful time to experiment with new and exciting craft ideas.Creating a Christmas candy centerpiece is one craft idea that is easy, fun, festive, and inexpensive.

An easy centerpiece to create is a candy cane centerpiece.You will need a piece of floral foam, two dozen medium candy canes, fake holly plants lengths, ribbon, floral sticks with wire, andany other berry or other Christmas floral picks that you would like to add to the centerpiece.Follow these simple directions for a centerpiece that will be a welcome delight to any table or can be given as an early holiday gift.

Traditionally, candy canes are red and white stripes but candy canes now also come in many other colors and flavors.The colors that you choose for your centerpiece are up to your own individual tastes.A very pretty centerpiece uses red-white white candy canes with green-white candy canes.Cut pieces of ribbon not more than one half inch wide into lengths of ten inches.Tie a bow around each candy cane right below the crook of the candy cane.

The next step is to use the floral foam.You will need a round piece of floral foam six to eight inches in diameter and about four inches tall.Floral foam is easier to work with than regular foam.Floral foam can be purchased at most craft stores.If you cannot find a piece of foam already cut to the specifications needed, it is easy cut one.Buy a piece of foam about four inches tall.Take a kitchen bowl about six to eight inches in diameter.Trace around the bowl onto the foam with a pen or pencil. Then you can easily cut around the edges with a knife.A serrated kitchen knife works well for this.Next cut fifteen lengths of artificial holly plant about six inches long.

Holding the wire pick, wrap the wire around one end of the plant securely.Do this to all fifteen plant lengths.Begin at the top of the foam piece.Stick a candy cane in at the top and center of the foam about one inch.About an inch and a half from the top candy cane, place another one, angling it every so slightly outward.Directly across the top to the other side, place another in the same fashion.Do this to each side so that you have four candy canes strategically placed north, south, east, and west around the top candy cane.

One and a half inches from the four candy canes, place eight candy canes around the four with the candy canes angled even more outward.The next row will contain eleven candy canes which are spaced evenly around the most outward part of the circle in an almost perpendicular fashion.This will look somewhat like an open flower. Fill in around the candy canes with the holly picks and any other Christmas floral picks that you have purchased.The end result is a beautiful candy cane centerpiece.Letting each guest pick a candy cane out of the centerpiece is a great way to say thank you at the end of a Christmas get together.

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