Diy Decorating Ideas: Decorating And Painting A Soap Dish

Painting and decorating your own glass or ceramic soap dish will add an unique touch to your bathroom accessories and decor.

Finding the right accessories to match your bathroom décor can be a challenge. A great project for adding a personal touch to the bathroom is decorating and painting your own soap dish. You can create a unique soap dish to match any decorating theme. Below are the supplies and instructions for creating your own painted soap dish. All the supplies can be purchased at any arts and crafts store.

1. Glass or ceramic soap dish

2. Blue tracing paper

3. Thermal hardening paint for glass and ceramic (baked in a home oven)

4. Paint brushes

Step one. Choose a glass or ceramic soap dish to paint.

The most durable paint for bathroom accessories is thermal hardening glass and ceramic paint. This means the painted object is baked in your oven after painting. This type of paint will hold up under bathroom conditions such water and humidity. Plain glass or ceramic soap dishes can be found at some arts and crafts stores or any store that sells bathroom accessories. If using ceramic you can paint on any color dish to match your bathroom.

Step Two. Choose a design for your soap dish.

Patterns or designs that already exist in your bathroom can be painted on the soap dish. Designs from shower curtains, wallpaper, towels, etc. can be used. Basic shapes with the colors of your bathroom are also an option and add a modern touch. You can draw your own designs or trace them from any source. Use a copy machine to reduce the size so the design will fit the soap dish. There are many options in painting the dish. Your design can completely cover the dish or only a simple border can be painted around the top and bottom. You can paint a few objects such as fish or flowers either with a background or without.

Step Three. Transfer the design to the soap dish.

Place the blue tracing paper on the soap dish. Place the paper with your design on top of the tracing paper. Trace over all the lines on the design. The drawing will appear in blue on the dish. These blue lines will cover easily with paint so they will not appear on the finished project.

Step Four. Choose the paint for your project.

Thermal hardening glass and ceramic paint comes in opaque as well as transparent colors. The transparent colors will look like colored glass and you will see through the paint to the glass or ceramic. Either type of paint will work for this project. The choice depends on your preference and the look you wish to achieve. There are also special effects paints such as iridescent that can be used alone or mixed with other paint colors to give a unique look.

Step Five. Paint and decorate the soap dish.

Glass paint is slightly different from acrylic craft paint. Using a paint brush dab the paint on the soap dish. Gently spread the paint over the design with the brush. The paints can be blended together if you wish. Do not spread the paint too thin or your brush strokes will show. Putting the paint on too thickly will cause it to run. It is better to apply two or more coats to achieve an opaque look. Paint the dish in sections so the area you are painting is as flat as possible. Let one section dry before turning the dish to paint another section. This will prevent the paint from running. You may also add embellishments at this stage to decorate the soap dish if you wish. Small beads, glass chips, rhinestones, etc. can be set into wet paint to give a unique touch. Be sure any item you use to embellish will stand up to oven temperatures of 325 F without melting.

Step Six. Bake the paint onto the soap dish.

Let the paint dry at least 24 hours before baking. If the paint is not completely dry it can crack when baked. Follow the baking instructions on the paint bottle. Generally an item requires 40 minutes of baking time at 325 F. For safety reasons be sure to place the soap dish into a cold oven. The sudden change in temperature of a hot oven can cause the glass or ceramic to break. When baking time is complete turn off the oven and let the dish cool completely before removing.

The paint on your soap dish will be durable for bathroom use after baking. However do not let the painted soap dish sit in water for extended periods of time. This can weaken the paint. To clean just wipe off or wash by hand with a gentle soap. Your new painted soap dish will have a long life and add a personal touch to your bathroom décor.

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