Diy Home Decor: Ideas For Making Decorative Wall Plaques

If you are looking for a craft project to take on, consider making a wall plaque. A wall plaque adds a decorative touch to the interior of your home.

If you are looking for an interesting way to decorate the interior of your home or office, you should consider making a wall plaque. While you can certainly buy one as well, making your own will allow you to create a one of a kind piece of art that is uniquely yours. Your wall plaque is likely to be a great conversation piece. Also, these plaques make fantastic gifts for friends and family, and you can make them for very little money.


To make a photo plaque, you will need photos, glue, a serving platter, sequins, and decoupage spray. Making a photo wall plaque is a great way to display some of your cherished photographs in a creative way. Pick out a few photographs of family members and friends. Next, use scissors to trim your pictures so that you cut out the backgrounds and leave just the focal point of the picture, which is the person that the picture is of. Next, you are going to make a picture collage on your platter by gluing your cut-out pictures to it. Glue the pictures onto the top of the platter (the side of it that you would put the food on if you were using it as a food platter). Don't worry if you have gaps between pictures - you will fill them in later. Feel free to let pictures slightly overlap each other, but make sure you don't cover up any faces or important images. Once you have finished mounting your pictures to the platter, fill in any blank spaces between the pictures with sequins. Set aside your plaque to dry completely before you move on to the next step. Your next step is spraying the platter with decoupage spray. Your spray can be low shine or a very high gloss depending on your preference. Let the decoupage spray dry completely, according to the directions on your spray can. Once your plaque has dried, it is ready to be mounted on your wall. Of course, there are other ways to use this technique for making a plaque without using photos.


A floral plaque requires only two supplies to make: dried or artificial flowers and a basket. It is incredibly easy to make a floral wall plaque, but the result is stunning. These make great gifts, especially for Mother's Day or a housewarming. Find a wide weave basket that is the size that you would like your wall plaque to be. If the basket has a handle, you have to cut the handle off. Turn the basket upside-down. Push your flower stems into the basket by feeding the stems through the holes in the weave of your basket. You want to push the stem completely through so that your flower tops are sitting right on top of the basket bottom. If the stems are too long, trim them to the appropriate length. Keep feeding your flower stems into the basket until the entire thing is covered with flower tops. It will look almost like a cushion of flowers when you are done. To secure the flowers in place, turn the basket right-side up so that you can see all of the stems. Tightly tie the stems together with elastic bands so that they can't budge. You can mount this floral plaque on the wall by just hanging it on a long nail. You can transfer this idea to other non-floral themes as well. At the craft store, they sell many decorative pieces on long wires or thin sticks such as fake fruits and butterflies (let the wires or sticks be your stems.)

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