Diy Home Manicures: The Essential Tools

Provides a purchasing guide to help people in buying the right kinds of tools to give a great at home manicure.

Visiting a salon for a manicure may not seem like a health hazard, but many doctors are now suggesting that the safest way to avoid contracting a staph infection when getting a manicure is to bring your own tools to the salon.If you are going to buy the tools why go to the salon at all?You can have everything you'll ever need right in your own home to give your hands an extravagant treat.Plus you won't have to tip!

To begin you will want to first shape your nails.In most cases, using a nail clipper is unnecessary, as you don't want to cut away too much of your nails.A professional nail file will work just as well.When choosing your nail filing board, look for one that is double-sided with a coarse grain for filing and a fine grain side for smoothing, and make sure it is comfortable to hold.You can usually tell that the board is double sided by noticing that the coarse side is a different color than the fine side.Choosing a wide board over a narrow board will help ensure a better grip and comfortable holding.

Before polishing, you of course want your hands and nails to be clean.Fill and clean a plastic container with warm, not hot, water and a gentle cleanser.The container you use for this should be wide enough to fit both of your hands comfortably and it should be deep enough to allow your entire hand, up to the wrist, to soak.For a thorough cleaning you will need to use a nail brush to clean under the nails.The best brush to use is a large brush with an attached handle.You do not need a double sided brush with a pumice stone (this is not a pedicure), nor do you want a compact brush that does not have an adequate handle.Your hands are slippery with water at this stage in the manicure, making that type of brush difficult to grip. If you are able to find a nail brush with natural bristles, which tend to be softer than the synthetic bristles, buy that.If not, just feel the bristles to make sure they aren't too hard for comfort.You don't need to scratch yourself to get clean!

At this point some may choose to use a sugar scrub or other exfoliant followed by lotion or essential oils for conditioning.

When hands are well soaked, it is time to work on your cuticles.While many suggest nipping off the cuticles with cutters made specifically for the task, it is not a good idea to remove your cuticles altogether.They are there for a reason and removal can lead to bacterial infections in the place where cuticles once were.Instead, apply a cuticle removing solution directly on the cuticles and let it soak in for a few minutes.Then gently push back the cuticles with a cuticle stick also known as an orange stick.The stick should not be sharp, ragged or made from metal.Remember, you are trying to leave the skin intact.

Now you are ready to polish.Choose a fun color and enjoy your beautiful new nails.

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