DIY House Painting Instructions?

DIY house painting instructions? This question offers a simple preparation technique for your home, before you begin painting. To begin with, it depends on where you live and how often you paint your house...

To begin with, it depends on where you live and how often you paint your house and when the last time it was painted. Let's say you just bought the house and it looks fairly decent, but you figure it needs a paint job. I would wash the house down with a mixture of chlorine and water; that would be the cheapest way to do it. You could go and get other chemicals and additives, but it just costs more money than anything else. You can use a garden sprayer attachment and fill it up with Clorox, and use that to clean your house. You can also add dishwashing soap to it. Just wash the house down before you start to paint. If you need to scrape or if the paint is peeling, I wouldn't wash it down until you prep all the areas first and use some sort of bonding primer on it. That way, the areas that have been peeling won't lift again. Many times people don't sand it well and it will lift up right next to where you sanded. A lot of people want to strip all of it down, but that gets real expensive. If I were the do-it- your-selfer type of person, I would get some sandpaper and go over it, depending on how bad the wood is. I would just feather it out and prime it with an oil based primer. Many people like to use a latex water-based primer, but I don't really recommend that. They market it, but if you have peeling problems and you use a water based paint primer, it will bleed. So when you put on the top coat, you don't get the adhesion and you will have a burnt spot where there is a water stain. You put the top paint on and it doesn't matter how many coats you put on, it will eventually leave a ring or a stain. So I would use an oil-based primer. You want to caulk all the cracks and crevices and putty all the nail holes and corners on the facer board and underneath the overhang, just your basic prep work. Your paint job on top is only going to be as good as the work you've done before you paint.

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