Diy: Making 3-D Bird Decorated Sunglasses For Kids

Follow these easy instructions for making unique 3-D bird decorated sunglasses for kids. These are great for pool parties, Halloween, or just for fun.

Are you looking for something different to design for your kids' group craft project, Halloween party, or just because? You can make very unique masks using art foam and plastic-framed sunglasses. These one-of-a-kind masks made with ordinary sunglasses are 3-dimensional and very colorful. You can create a toucan, a pink flamingo, a parakeet, or any other bird you can dream up. Use these masks for playing pretend, school plays, parties, or for any occasion that calls for a tropical bird mask. These masks are not only fun to wear, but they're fun to make as well.

To make a 3-D tropical bird mask you will need a pair of plastic-framed sunglasses, thick craft glue, sheets of art foam in various colors, a fine-tip black marker, scissors, and a craft knife. Colored craft feathers are optional.

Begin by carefully removing the lenses from a pair of plastic-framed sunglasses. The lenses should pop out very easily. Use a fine-tip black marker to trace the exterior and interior shape of the frames on a sheet of art foam. Choose a color to match the bird you are designing. Choose pink for a flamingo, green for a toucan, or yellow for a parakeet. You could also use your imagination to create a new species of bird. In that case feel free to choose any color you like. If the lenses of the sunglasses are not removable, you will need to trace the exterior shape of the frames on a sheet of art foam, and draw the interior shape of the frames by hand.

Cut out the shapes you traced, and glue them to the frames of the sunglasses using thick, clear-drying craft glue. The glue will probably take several hours to completely dry. While the glue is drying you can design the face of the bird.

Make a pink flamingo by cutting out a pink beak approximately 5 inches in length. Shape the beak like that of a real pink flamingo. Make it slightly curved and pointed at the tip. Make a band for the bridge of the beak that will enable you to secure it to the glasses. Design the band from black art foam, and make the ends oval in shape. Design the band so it will wrap around both sides of the beak. This band also serves as the bird's nose. Position the band on the beak so a portion of it extends from the edge of the pink art foam. This extended area will be glued to the glasses. Set the beak aside to dry.

Make a feathered head for the flamingo using a sheet of pink art foam. Draw and cut out a feathered head, and glue it to the inside frame of the glasses above the eyes. Hold it in place until the glue begins to set. Make the feathered head somewhat more realistic by gluing on several pink feathers. Apply a moderate amount of glue, and place them behind the art foam. Set the entire piece aside to finish drying.

When the glue has dried on all of the pieces, you can attach the beak to the glasses. Apply glue to the black band, and press the beak into place on the bridge of the glasses. Hold it firmly until the glue begins to set. Allow the mask several hours to dry before attempting to handle or wear them.

Make a colorful toucan mask in the same manner, but make a much larger beak using a sheet of yellow art foam. Make colored stripes for the beak and glue them on. The band for the toucan's beak can be any color you wish. Make a green feathered head with green art foam, and decorate the head further by gluing green feathers to the back of the art foam.

A parakeet mask can be made using a sheet of yellow art foam. Make the beak wide at the base and sharply curved at the end. Make the band for the parakeet's beak using blue art foam. Make the feathered head blue, and attach real blue feathers to the back of the art foam if desired.

These fun masks are sure to light up the room and bring a smile to the faces of everyone who sees them. Consider making these for your next Halloween party, pool party, or just for fun. Children of all ages will enjoy making them and wearing them.

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