Diy: Making Craft Foam Christmas Coasters

Follow these easy instructions for making festive Christmas craft foam coasters. These holly berry coasters make unique holiday gifts and can be personalized.

You can make unique and decorative craft foam Christmas coasters to adorn and protect your furniture this holiday season. These holly-shaped coasters are water resistant, durable, and will add festivity and color to your holiday d├ęcor.

To make one holiday holly berry coaster you will need sheets of light green, medium green, dark green, and red craft foam, a fine-tip waterproof black marker, thick craft glue, and pointed craft scissors. White sparkling glitter and gold glitter glue are optional.

Begin by drawing the shape of a holly leaf on a sheet of medium green craft foam using a fine-tip black marker. Make the shape large enough to accommodate a large cup or glass. Keep in mind that additional holly leaves and berries will be attached to the side of the coaster. Cut out the shape using craft scissors. Be sure to cut along the inside of the line so it doesn't show on the coaster.

Draw three smaller holly leaves on the medium green, dark green, and light green craft foam. Use the first cutout as a stencil for the other holly leaves. Cut out the shapes carefully around the inside edges of the lines so they don't show.

Draw 3 holly berries that are approximately 1 half inch in diameter. Trace around a thimble or another round object if necessary. Carefully cut them out in the same manner as the other shapes.

Use a fine-tip permanent black marker to draw smiley faces or holiday messages on the smaller holly leaves and berries. Alternately you can draw the faces using a tube of gold glitter glue. Write a holiday sentiment such as "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" in the center of the largest holly leaf. The coaster may also be personalized with guests' names if desired. Set the leaves aside so the marker and/or glue have time to dry completely before continuing.

After the glue and/or marker have dried, you can begin assembling the coaster. Glue the three small holly leaves to the edge of the largest holly leaf. Arrange them so they overlap each other in an attractive manner. Glue the holly berries in a bunch on top of the holly leaves. Be sure to leave any drawn details exposed. Allow the glue plenty of time to dry before using the finished coaster.

Make the coaster fancier and more eye-catching by adding sparkling white glitter to the smaller leaves. Spread a thin layer of glue around the edges, and sprinkle on a generous layer of glitter. Shake off any excess glitter over a trash receptacle. Your finished coasters will appear to be snow covered, and they will glimmer and shine under holiday lights.

Consider making a complete set of these unique Christmas coasters to give as gifts to well-deserving recipients. Include a bottle of sparkling grape juice or another favorite festive holiday beverage in a tissue-lined Christmas gift bag. Any recipient is sure to love this useful and thoughtful Christmas gift. These handmade coasters would also beautifully compliment a gift of wineglasses or other holiday drink glasses or mugs. Personalize them for each individual on your Christmas list. They will surely be delighted with this thoughtfully personalized and special holiday gift.

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