Diy Plans For Building A Toddler Bed

Learn how to build your own toddler bed, customizing it to your child's personality. Tips, instructions and list of supplies and tools included.

The transition from a baby crib to a "big kids" bed is a big deal for most children and for most parents as well. As parents we often wonder if there is a way to make this journey into childhood less stressful for all involved. There are a couple of things as parents that we can do. First look for signs from your child that they are ready to move into a big kid bed. For example, are they asking for a new bed or climbing out of the crib? There are lots of pre-made beds for children available in stores today, but perhaps the most personal and unique way to ensure that your child will like the new sleeping arrangements is to make the bed yourself, while letting your child help.

Making a toddler bed, one that uses the crib mattress, is a fairly quick and easy project. There are some supplies that you will need: a saw (a table saw is recommended), a drill, a router, materials (wood is probably the easiest to work with), screws (the length will depend the materials selected), paint, and any other desired decorations. Most home improvement stores will have all of these supplies on hand and will even cut the wood to your specifications for a small fee - helpful if you do not have a table saw available to you.

To begin, you will need to decide the style of the bed you wish to make. For our purposes, we will be making a run-of-the-mill bed - nothing fancy - plain head and footboards, two rails and a bottom panel. If you wish to make your bed more elaborate or creative it would not be hard to do by customizing the head and footboards. After you have settled on style for the bed it is time to cut the pieces. The headboard will need to be 30"wide X 35" high and the footboard will measure 30" wide X 33" high. The two rails that connect the head and foot of the bed will need to be 52" long, they will need to have a notch routed the entire length to support the bottom panel that will be holding the mattress. The bottom panel of the bed needs to be 28" wide X 52" long.

Now that you have all of your pieces cut, it is now time to assemble the bed. The first step to assembly is to drill holes in the headboard and footboard 4" off the ground. Next, drill a pilot hole in each end of the rails; screw the rails to the head and footboards at the 4" mark. The bed is almost finished. Place the bottom panel in the channels of the rails that have been routed out. Make sure that the panel fits securely in place, if it does not fit properly, it could be a safety issue. You are now ready to place the crib mattress on the finished bed. Congratulations! You have just made a project you can be proud of, it is now time to recruit your child with the finishing touches.

Your child will love to sleep in a bed that you both made together. Now is the time to help them pick out paint and decorations for the new bed. There are so many color choices in paint stores today, be sure to pick something that is durable and can be cleaned easily. Let their imagination go wild, maybe a princess bed or an animal print is what they want. There is also a wide variety of stick on decorations featuring some of children's most loved characters, be sure to check them out, bedtime is always more fun with a trusted friend.

Enjoy your new project and the knowledge that you and your child made it yourselves.

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