Diy: Valentine's Day Card Box For Kids

Teachers and parents can use these easy instructions so kids can make a unique Valentine's Day card box for their class party card exchange.

As a child, one of the most enjoyable and memorable parts of Valentine's Day is the act of giving and receiving Valentine's Day cards. This common tradition can be made even more exciting with the creation of a fun and unique Valentine's Day mailbox. Parents, caregivers, and teachers can provide the following easy instructions so their special kids can create a one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day box that can be used again and again. This box is decorated with an adorable Valentine's Day bear that's appropriate for both boys and girls.

To make one Valentine's Day box you will need a medium-size cardboard box. Girl Scout cookie boxes are perfect for this project, so if you intend on making this a class or group project, have parents and kids save boxes from one of the most popular types of Girl Scout cookies. This way all of the boxes will be exactly the same size. You will also need colored construction paper, school glue, a black marker or crayon, a pencil, scissors, a paper plate, and large plastic craft eyes.

Begin the project by cutting a large slit in the long side of a box. Use caution when cutting the opening. Adults should complete this step when younger children are doing the project. After cutting the slit you can begin wrapping the box with construction paper in a color of your choice. Wrap the box as you would a gift. Trim, fold, and crease the paper to neatly surround the box. Glue the paper to secure the folded edges.

Now it's time to make a loveable Valentine's Day bear to decorate the box. Cut the indented circle from the center of a paper plate to use for the head of the bear. Use the cardboard circle as a stencil to make a circle on a sheet of brown construction paper. Glue the brown construction paper circle to the cardboard circle. Draw and cut out a muzzle for the bear using either a light brown or tan sheet of construction paper. Make the muzzle oval-shaped and appropriately sized for the face of the bear. Using the same light-brown or tan construction paper, make two paws for the bear. Set the paws aside for now.

Create a nametag for the box by cutting out a heart from a sheet of red or pink construction paper. Make the heart by folding a sheet of construction paper in half. Cut out half a heart on the fold of the paper. Open the paper to reveal a perfectly shaped Valentine's Day heart. Students can write their names on the heart and glue it to the front center of the box. Glue the tan construction paper paws next to the heart so it appears the bear is holding the heart.

Complete the head of the bear by cutting 2 oval-shaped ears from a sheet of brown construction paper. Glue the ears to the back of the head. Make a nose and the center portion of the ears by cutting out small hearts from a sheet of red or pink construction paper. Glue a heart to the center of each ear, and one to the center of the face at the top of the muzzle. Next you need to draw a big smile on the face of the bear, and lines on the ends of the paws to separate the toes. The last step is to glue two large plastic craft eyes to the face, just above the muzzle.

Pass out a list of names to all kids participating in the card exchange. To make sure no one is left out, make it a rule that all participating students must bring a card for all other participating students. This rule will help to eliminate hurt feelings.

This easy project will help make your Valentine's Day party one of the best ever. The kids will enjoy making their Valentine's Day mailbox as much as they enjoy the festivities of the party.

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