Diy Wedding Tips: Make Your Own Wedding Bell Party Favors

To thank your guests for their attendance and well wishes without breaking the budget, try your hand at creating a few of these party favors with a wedding bell theme.

Creating your own wedding party favors should be fun and exciting. Favors act as a parting, thank you gift from the newlyweds to the guests. Since many cultures incorporate wedding bells as a symbolic representation of joy, celebration and unity, a wedding bell favor will fit many reception themes, styles and colors.

To create favors, ask a few simple questions before beginning such as:

Do you want the guests to keep the favor or just eat it?

Is there a color theme to the wedding and reception?

What message do you want to convey to the guests?

With a little time, effort and creativity, a very special homemade favor will leave a lasting impression. Try one or more of these ideas:

These edible favors are meant as a departing gift as guests leave the celebration.

Fill transparent bags with small homemade molded white chocolate bells. Attach a label to the bag with the couple's names, date and the wording, "Thank You." If you're creative and patience, try various flavors of chocolate, or sandwich two molded bells together with a corresponding cream.

Bake bell shaped sugar cookies with colored sugars or piped royal icing. Tie two in a transparent bag and secure with a cascading ribbon. Add small novelty bells to the ends of the ribbon for an extra flair and a label with the wording, "Thank You For Making Our Celebration So Sweet."

Or, bake bell shaped cookies and wrap in bags, tying a small bell shaped cookie cutter to the bag as well. Inscribe a label for each bag with the couple's names and wedding date along with the wording, "˜We Were Cut Out For Each Other."

These non-edible favors are to create a memory for each guest.

Fill bell shaped plastic/glass ornaments, available to craft stores, with chocolates, mints or hard candies. Write with a glass pen, the couple's names and wedding date. Once the ornaments contents are gone, the guest still has a memory of the newlywed's special day.

Purchase glass, china or sterling silver bells for each guest, placing them at their reception table. Include a card with wording, "ring this wedding bell to wish the new couple well!" or "when the newlyweds depart, create ringing echoes of joy in their hearts."

Create your own soap and cut into wedding bell shapes. Wrap in a white or color corresponding wash cloth and tie with a ribbon.

Purchase inexpensive, small photo frames and cut the matte for the inset photo in the shape of a bell. Use the photo frames as seat assignments and the frame as a special favor.

If cost plays a factor, purchase bell shaped stickers or novelty bells to add to a tulle bag of treats, or for a little more, purchase bell shaped boxes and add a small charm, candy or inscribed message.

To keep the wedding bell theme, add to each favor a small bag full of bell shaped confetti for the guest to toss at the departing newlyweds.

Think outside the box and be creative. Try to get as many people, even little brides and grooms-to-be, involved when crafting favors. A lasting impression will be imprinted with a little personal touch.

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