Diy: Do It Yourself Basement Wet Bar Ideas

If you're wondering what to do with a bit of space in your basement, consider adding a wet bar for entertaining. Here are some ideas...

Whether you're entertaining a spouse, children or friends, a wet bar is a natural way to incorporate food, drink and fun to an environment. Basement wet bars consist of a few basic elements: the bar top, seating, displays and storing facilities. When you've combined the right bar top, seating, display case and refrigerator or handy kitchen aids to prepare drinks or light treats, your guests will surely be impressed with how you turned a drab space into a wonderful wet bar. This article will explore a few ideas for each element in your wet bar as well as ideas for an overall theme.

First, let's discuss the elements of the wet bar and possible ideas.

The bar top: Your bar surface can be wood, tile, stone or and variety of similar kitchen countertops. Often wet bars come straight, in an "L" shape or semi-circular. You'll want to make sure that the wet bar doesn't overpower the entire room, but provides enough space for putting drinks, sitting and basic entertaining. With the bar top, you'll also want to consider if you're going to have a draft fountain attached, sinks or various other appliances that would be taking up space of the general seating area.

Seating: The seating can be a bit tricky. You'll want to be considering if the seats should move, swivel, and/or have footrests attached to them or will that be attached to the bar itself. You'll want to consider if you prefer bar stools or bar chairs meaning a seat with a back, arm rest or just a simple stool. Since most of your guests may want to sit at the bar will drinking or chatting, you'll want to make sure that they are comfortable.

Displays: Consider where you're going to place all the serving ware and if it's underneath the bar or behind the bar. You'll want to have everything readily accessible for using, but not cluttering the overall look of your bar when it's not in use. Some other ideas are having a mirror behind the bar, or framed photos or signs.

Storing Facilities: This references a mini-refrigerator/freezer or wine cooler or even a mini-dishwasher for glassware. You're going to want to consider all the blenders, and mixing items you'll need when preparing drinks. If you know you'll be entertaining a lot, you'll probably consider larger appliances for storing than maybe a wet bar that would be entirely for snacking or catering to children during playtime. You'll want to make sure that the children have access to water, soda and non-alcoholic beverages while the items not necessary for children are locked away when the wet bar isn't in use.

Overall, creating a theme for your wet bar can help you choose the elements. For example, if you were wanting to do a fifties style wet bar, you'd consider a root beer fountain for the children and mini-cooler for storing ice cream and other treats, black/white checked bar stools with stainless steel countertops and d├ęcor larger than life resound of the 50s era. While on the other hand, if you want a wet bar that is contemporary and chic, you'd probably choose items that are bold, clean, and bright. If you want a western wet bar, you'd probably choose an entirely wood bar with wood bar chairs and branded display wall which also suits as cabinets for storing mugs and other items.

Whether you're into the 50s diner, 70s retro, Western, Cosmo chic, or a pre-fabricated wet bar, remember the basic elements and combine them in a pleasing manner that will make all your guests want to do a wet bar for themselves.

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