DIY: Do It Yourself Kitchen Stools

Follow these easy craft project instructions to turn ordinary kitchen stools into extraordinary works of art. These decorating ideas and tips are simple but unique.

You can spruce up ordinary wooden stools in a number of creative ways. Plain wooden stools are generally reasonable in price, and adding decorative touches can make them appear much more expensive than they really are.

A simple way to decorate your stools is with colored sisal rope. For this quick project you will need a large spool of sisal rope, heavy-duty scissors, and clear-drying wood glue. Sisal rope comes in all colors, so choose rope that coordinates well with your home decor.

Begin by locating the exact center of the first stool you want to decorate. Cover the entire seat of the stool with a generous amount of wood glue. Place the end of the sisal rope on the center of the stool, and begin wrapping it tightly around itself to create a swirl pattern. When the entire seat of the stool is covered, clip the end of the rope. Put a generous amount of wood glue on the very end of the rope to ensure that it stays in place and does not fray. Allow finished stools to dry for approximately 24 hours before using them.

Another way to decorate ordinary wooden stools is with decoupage medium and graphic designs. For this project you will need cutouts from wallpaper, magazines, wrapping paper, or any other thin paper material. You will also need sharp pointed craft scissors, a brush, and decoupage medium. For an extra layer of protection you can coat the seats of the stools with polyurethane sealer instead of decoupage medium. It's more durable and will provide a strong long-lasting seal.

Begin by locating and cutting out the designs you want for your stools. Carefully cut out the shapes, and place them on the stools to get an idea of where they should be before gluing them on permanently. After deciding where they should go, coat the entire seat of the first stool with decoupage medium. Carefully place the shapes on the stools. Go over the tops of the cutouts with another coat of decoupage medium or polyurethane sealer. Allow the finished stools to dry approximately 24 hours before using them.

Another creative way to decorate ordinary wooden stools is with stencils and paint. For this project you will need stencils of your choice, acrylic craft paint, waxed paper, stenciling brushes, and polyurethane sealer.

Stencils are available in many sizes and shapes. You can find a large assortment of stencils in most craft stores and discount stores that sell craft supplies. The nice thing about stencils is anyone can use them and create professional looking works of art.

Before painting your wooden stools, practice stenciling techniques on scrap pieces of wood or heavy-duty cardboard. You will discover ways of blending the paint and using the brushes to create just the right look. Start practicing by squeezing a small amount of paint on a sheet of waxed paper. Use various shades of the same color to give your stenciled designs shape and dimension. For example, if you are painting ivy, use various shades of green to form each leaf. Begin by dabbing the darkest shade on one side of the first leaf you're painting. Continue with a medium shade of green in the center of the leaf. Dab the lightest shade of green on the other side. Painting the leaves in this manner will bring them to life by giving them shades of color very similar to real leaves. Finish the leaf by painting on veins using a very small pointed tip paintbrush. With a little practice you will soon become an expert at stenciling.

After stenciling the designs you want on your stools, allow the paint adequate time to dry. When the designs are completely dry, give the stool seats a coat of polyurethane sealer. Allow the sealer to dry approximately 24 hours before using them.

You'll love these simple methods of decorating ordinary wooden stools. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to turn ordinary stools into extraordinary but functional works of art.

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