Do Do-It-Yourself Waterproofing Kits Work?

Do do-it-yourself waterproofing kits work? Do-it-yourself waterproofing kits are not recommended because they are only temporary fixes and do not permanently fix the leak. Nothing has the determination of...

Nothing has the determination of the un-channeled water. Solutions sold at Home Depot for water leakage are just temporary solutions. They might work for a while, but water really puts pressure on that wall. So if you fix that one area you haven't done anything about the water that's pressuring your wall. If you just fix that one lower area, the water will still push with pressure so great and so constant (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) that it may push through that little crack. You can protect the one wall, but keep in mind that water is working all the time. If you protect that one wall but you haven't protected the other it is going to work its way over there. But, if you are going to build a home gym or workshop or if you are just going to use it for storage then a little leakage every now and then won't bother you and you don't need to do it. But if you are going to invest some money and try to use this space then you need to have a professional come in and do it because all the other things are really temporary fixes. It might work for 2-3 years, it might work for a couple of months, you don't know, it's a gamble, because no waterproofer has a guarantee. No waterproofer will replace any of the stuff that is damaged from leakage from a failed system.

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