About Dog Car Seats

By Jessica Reed

  • Overview

    About Dog Car Seats
    Dog car seats can help you transport your pet safely and conveniently. With a car set, your dog will not only be more comfortable, you'll be more comfortable as well. Your pet won't constantly be distracting you, and you can take your dog with you on more outings, and even longer trips.
  • Function

    Dog car seats allow Fido to ride along with you in your car without dirtying the seats, and while being more comfortable. Besides protecting the seats, smaller dogs have baskets and seat belt-type restraints that keep them securely in the seat. They also can't get under foot, or try to jump out an open window.
  • Types of Car Seats

    There are two main types of dog car seats. The first is a simple seat covering. It goes over the seat, or floor if the seats are folded down, and protects it from dirt. They are meant to protect the car, not to secure the dog. The second type is designed to do both. It is a basket for the dog to sit in. It keeps man's best secured while protecting the car from the dirt at the same time.

  • Features

    There are many features that come with a dog car seat. Some are simply slipcovers, while others have straps to secure them to the seat. The basket types have special straps both for the seats, and also to act as a dog seat belt. There are different sizes, colors, and materials to choose from. Many baskets have lining for the comfort of your pet.
  • Benefits

    Owning a dog car seat allows you to take your pet with you on trips, and helps restrains an anxious dog who knows he's going to the vet's. Not only will your car be clean of pet hair, your pet won't get in the way while you're driving. They'll also feel more comfortable having a place to sit instead of pacing inside the vehicle.
  • Warning

    While some dog car seats have straps to keep dogs in their seat, they can still get out, especially if you buy the simple seat cover with no restraints. Traveling with an animal in the car can be distracting, especially if they are constantly trying to get on your lap or barking at other people and animals that pass by. It's wise to train your dog to ride in a car before making long trips, that way they won't distract you and cause an accident.
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