Dolce and gabbana fashion and fragrance

Learn about the history and style of the Dolce and Gabbana fashion and fragrance label, including where to buy their products.

Dolce and Gabbana must translate from Italian into English as dignified and alluring.Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have carved out an empire that feeds the fashion souls of thousands.Their collective energies push the idea that sexy and dignified can be wrapped together.


Entering the fashion and design world in the very early stages of their respective twenties, the pair was regarded as too young to be important.D and G showed the world that was not so.They have paved the way for many a young designer to burst on to the "scene" and make a name for themselves.

1985 heralded the year that Dolce and Gabbana were noticed as a fashion house.It took a short three years, from 1982 when they first opened their doors, until 1985 to be recognized.They quickly headed for Japan and then to the U.S. with their clothing and their success was phenomenal.The over achievers have been moving like whirlwinds through the fashion world ever since.


One of D & G's biggest supporters has been Madonna.In 1993 her "╦ťGirlie Show' tour garnered D & G even more recognition.For this show alone they designed 1500 costumes.The trend-setting duo had hit the big time and the crowd was gathering.It appeared they could do no wrong.

Dolce and Gabbana were early fashion entrants in the perfume and fragrance industry.The same year they created the costumes for Madonna their "Dolce and Gabbana Parfum" fragrance won an international award from the Perfume Academy.The award named their product as the best feminine fragrance of the year.In 1996 they were also awarded the "Oscar des Parfums" award from the French for their fragrance "Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme".

Into the D & G scene jumps Whitney Houston with a special request regarding her 1999 World Tour.D & G were asked to be the exclusive designers for this tour creating Whitney's and her ensembles clothes and accessories.In the mean time they created D & G Time the umbrella that allowed them to become creators of designer watches.Their eyewear line had been producing for several years at this point.

Back to Madonna - to follow up with her incredible success, the D & G boys were asked to create whole environments for her "Music" album, which included not only the clothing and accessories for everyone but the sets and environments as well.Madonna is obviously impressed with these two.

Are you dizzy yet, cause I am.These two do not slow down and continue to build speed and accolades even to this point in time.Rarely criticized, their shows are almost always applauded.Their unique mix of culture, patterns and Mediterranean soul seem to collide with tradition and color to create a beautiful and alluring product.The public just can't keep its hands off of the end result and continue to clamor for more.


Just what type of woman do Dolce & Gabbana design for?The first word that comes to mind is strong.D & G women are strong-minded with strong and deliberate tastes.They are not afraid to step out of line and take a different path.They are young at heart and well traveled.Well versed in her sexuality the D & G woman is a pioneer in bringing the feminine perspective to light.She is all things and never wavers.

The same is true for the men.A little bit hedonist, definitely relaxed and at ease with himself, the D & G man can dress up or down for the same occasion and look great.He creates the rules and beckons everyone to follow.

Just like the duo of Dolce and Gabbana those that wear their clothes have the vision to keep moving forward.

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