How to Donate a Car in Boston

By Andrew Smith

  • Overview

    Donating your car to a charitable organization in the Boston area is an easy process. The organization processes all of the paperwork for you, and your donations are tax deductible. Here is how to donate a car in Boston.
    • Step 1

      Give your car to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Boston. The organization builds homes for people who have either lost theirs or who live in unsafe houses and/or unsafe neighborhoods. Habitat for Humanity accepts cars, trucks, RVs and even boats. For more information, call (617) 423-2223. For information on car donations, call (877) 277-4344.
    • Step 2

      Contact the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston. This organization serves more than 14,000 children in the Boston area. These programs run 12 months a year and include summer camps and after-school workshops and activities. Your car will be picked up for free at a time you request. You will also be given a tax form when your vehicle is picked up. To learn more, call 877-784-2422.

    • Step 3

      Donate your car to Kars 4 Kids in Boston. When you do, you will be given a tax deduction, as well as a hotel voucher. Your donation will go to fund programs offered by J.O.Y. For Our Youth. This organization provides needy children throughout the country with food, shelter, after-school programs, counseling and other services. Contact Kars 4 Kids in Boston at (617) 399-4270.
    • Step 4

      Consider giving your car to the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange. This organization works to find homes for children in foster care, as well as children who may be more difficult to place, such as siblings and kids with special needs. With MARE, you can drop off your vehicle or have it pick up your vehicle at no extra cost. Call (617) 542-3678.
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