How to Donate a Car in Utah

By Chad Buleen

  • Overview

    Donating a car is one way to get a tax deduction while contributing to your community. There are several charities in Utah that will take that used car off your hands and either put it to good use or sell it and use the proceeds.
    • Step 1

      Make sure the car is in acceptable shape to be towed. To donate a car in Utah, the car does not need to be in perfect shape, however it does need to meet a few specifications. The car must have inflated tires, a clean title and must not have been dismantled or stripped for parts. Whether or not the car runs is irrelevant.
    • Step 2

      Contact the National Kidney Foundation of Utah and Idaho. A person donating a car can let the foundation know that he or she would like to donate a car to the foundation. The foundation will direct the person donating to a Web site where he or she can find a form to fill out. This form must be completed before the foundation will pick up the donated car. In order to fill out the information, the owner of the car must have the vehicle's title number as well as the VIN.

    • Step 3

      Itemize tax deductions. The towing of the car does not need to be the last step associated with donating the vehicle. In fact, a person who itemizes his tax deductions can possibly claim more than $500 as a charitable gift. If the car that was donated was not resold for more than $499, then the person who donated cannot claim more than $499 as a charitable gift. However, if the car is resold for $500 or more, the person donating can claim whatever the actual amount the car was resold for was.
    • Step 4 is another organization that accepts car donations. A person can visit the organization's website to get all of the specifics, but the organization operates similar to the way that The National Kidney Foundation operates. Simply contact the organization, express an interest to donate a car and the process will get rolling. Donations made to are given to J.O.Y., a non-profit group that helps distressed Jewish youth.
    • Step 5

      Contact Donate For Charity, Inc. This is an organization that is contracted with a number of non-profit organizations in Utah. People who want for their donation to go to the Breast Cancer Fund, Mercy for Animals, U.S. Doctors for Africa or a number of other charities can do so by visiting
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    • Tip: A person who has lost his title can get a copy from the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles for $6.
    • Tip: A person can find out how much he can claim in charitable donations on his tax return by contacting the organization to which he donated and finding how much the car was re-sold for.
    • Warning:
    • A person donating a car must be sure to meet the towing company employee that will take the car. The car cannot be towed unless the key and the title are handed over.

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