How to Donate Cars to the American Cancer Society

By Chris Weiss

  • Overview

    The American Cancer Society is a leading player in the fight against cancer. A donation to this organization would put money toward research of this life-threatening disease that afflicts families across the country. While your money can be scarce, old vehicles are often an inconvenience that you'd like to do away with. If you have an old vehicle, donating it to the American Cancer Society's Cars for a Cure program is a way to contribute to the cause while taking care of that old car. The American Cancer Society makes the donation process very straightforward.
    • Step 1

      Contact the Cars for a Cure program to find out if your vehicle will be accepted; they are looking for vehicles in fair shape. They can be reached at 1-888-CAR-550 (8AM to 8PM EST), or by email at [email protected] to discuss directly.
    • Step 2

      Visit the American Cancer Society website (see Resources below).

    • Step 3

      Complete the online personal information form and the vehicle information form. American Cancer Society will then send you a packet with instructions for completing your donation. Upon completing the paper work, American Cancer Society will arrange for a towing company or other service to pick up your car.
    • Step 4

      Check on the value of your car using a pricing guide like Kelley Blue Book. If it is over $5,000, have it appraised before donating because you'll need this information to receive your full tax deduction.
    • Step 5

      Get a receipt or letter of donation from American Cancer Society when your car is picked up. The receipt should include American Cancer Society's contact information, vehicle information (make, model, year) and your information. It should also clearly designate that no goods or services were received for the donation.
    • Step 6

      Sign the title over to American Cancer Society to ensure that you won't be responsible for the car once you've donated. If you don't sign it over, you could potentially garner traffic tickets and other obligations. Make a copy for your records.
    • Step 7

      Be sure that you're supplied a copy of the receipt of sale or IRS Form 1098 C of your car within 30 days. You'll need this when filing for the deduction.
    • Step 8

      Contact your state motor vehicles division to report the transfer of title. You may have to file a form and hand in the license plates, depending upon the laws of your state.
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