How to Donate a Junk Car in Pasadena

By Garnet Greene

  • Overview

    Got an old wreck sitting in the driveway? No problem. Charities all over Pasadena are happy to take operable and inoperable vehicles as donations. If your car isn't working, they will tow it out of your way. Charities also accept other vehicles including: boats, RVs, jet skis and motorcycles. Donating your vehicle is a simple process that's beneficial to your community. It's good for you, too: You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for your contribution.
    • Step 1

      Many charities accept vehicle donations. It's up to you to decide whether you want your donation to benefit a local, national or international charity. If you have a favorite charity already, contact them and ask them if they accept vehicle donations. There are also third-party organizations that accept vehicles for a wide variety of charities. These organizations manage the towing, paperwork and auctioning of donated vehicles and give a varying percentage of the proceeds to the charities they partner with.
    • Step 2

      Before you donate your car, remove all personal items. Remember to check in the glove box, under seats, door pockets and the trunk. It is not necessary to perform any repairs or clean your vehicle before donating it.

    • Step 3

      Contact the charity of your choice and make an appointment to donate your vehicle. Most charities will send a tow truck to your location to pick up your vehicle at no charge to you.
    • Step 4

      Before donating a vehicle, have the vehicle's keys and title ready.
    • Step 5

      If your vehicle's value is less than $500, you will receive a receipt at the time of donation. If your vehicle's value is greater than $500, you will receive a receipt for its value after it is auctioned. Follow up with the organization to which you gave your vehicle if you do not receive a receipt in a timely manner.
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    • Ingredients:
    • Your Car's Keys
    • Your Car's Title
    • Tip: Charities that accept donations in Pasadena include:
    • Tip: The Pasadena Human Society: 626-792-7151 ext. 164
    • Tip: SGV Habitat for Humanity: 626-792-3838 ext. 14
    • Tip: Cars For Causes accepts vehicles for multiple area charities: (800) 766-2273
    • Warning:
    • Tax laws periodically change. For current information, check the IRS website.

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