Donating a Car in Wisconsin

By Andrew Smith

  • Overview

    Giving your car to a charitable or non-profit organization can help needy families and individuals throughout the state of Wisconsin. You may also receive a tax deduction greater than what you would get if you traded in your vehicle or sold it yourself. Most charities allow you to donate your car online. Donating your car over the phone, however, is just as easy. Here are some ways to donate your car in Wisconsin.
    • Step 1

      Give your car to the Wisconsin Interfaith Needs Response "Donated Wheels" program. This program restores used vehicles and then sells them at a discounted price to those who need a vehicle. These individuals have to qualify for the Donated Wheels program, so you can be sure that your car is going to somebody who truly needs it. To contact WINR, call (920) 236-0131. You can also contact WINR via e-mail at [email protected]
    • Step 2

      Call Kars 4 Kids regarding a car donation. All car donations to this Wisconsin organization are tax deductible. You will also get a vacation voucher when you donate to Kars 4 Kids. Best of all, you will be helping J.O.Y. For Our Youth, a charity that offers food, clothes, educational programs, training and other programs for needy kids throughout Wisconsin. Call (877) 527-7454 to learn more about donating a car.

    • Step 3

      Consider donating your car to Jewish Social Services in Madison. JSS offers services for people in domestic abuse situations, as well as health-care and support groups for the elderly. The organization also assists those looking to adopt a child. All donations are tax deductible. Call JSS at (608) 278-1808 or e-mail [email protected]
    • Step 4

      Support public radio by donating your vehicle to WXPR. Located in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, WXPR broadcasts a variety of local and National Public Radio programs. You can donate your car online by using the WXPR Public Radio portion of the Charitable Auto Resources website, or contact the radio station directly at (888) WXPR-CAR (997-7227).
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