Donna Karan Fashion And Style

The Donna Karan fashion design label is a name synonymous with New York and sophistication. Unadorned and sleek Karan has a style that reflects a modern sensibility.

Want to know what New York is wearing?Take a look at what Donna Karan is designing and you will have a pretty clear picture of what the New York crowd finds style to be.

Donna Karan's name has become synonymous with New York and Karan chalks it up to one thing, personal requirements.She claims to design what she needs in her own wardrobe. Trained at Parson's School of Design, Karan began her career with Anne Klein in the 1960's.She began her own line, the Donna Karan Hew York Collection in the mid 80's and she hasn't looked back since.Her popularity seems to grow with every season.


Donna Karan designs with the body in mind.Sophistication is a word often used to describe her clothing.Bodysuits, wrap skirts and corseted eveningwear make her popular not only on the east coast but the west coast as well.

After establishing her self as an urbane and stylish design house, Karan began a more urban line known as DKNY and expanded her business to include eyewear, fragrance, accessories, hosiery, and home furnishings.

Casual chic is a term often connected with Karan's design style.Her clothing is practical and useful in a workingwoman's wardrobe.Never stuffy, or fantastical, the figure hugging, but never snug, suit she is known for has become the central idea behind most of her designs.She refers to it as the capsule wardrobe and it encompasses the workingwoman's dream of pre-packaged but classy dressing.

Composed of a series of tops, designed as blouses, tank tops or t-shirts, a comfortable trouser or skirt and topped off with a loosely tailored, elegant silhouetted jacket, the series is seasonally updated.Colors tend toward neutrals and flattering patterns, occasionally dotted with a deeper, intense color of the season.The workingwoman can mix and match knowing that she looks great without a worry as to what to wear.She has become the creator of the workingwoman's uniform and she has done it with such style and grace that a uniform it can hardly be called.

Finding hallmark words to describe Karan's style is easy - basic, versatile, modern, comfortable, sophisticated, clean, functional, polished, understated, flattering, sleek, feminine - all fit the bill.You will rarely find ornamentation directly on her clothing.Accessories and jewelry are used sparingly when used at all.Often a matching purse and shoes are all you will see shown.Her style is not trendy yet it is modern and sleek and provides a feeling of elegance for the viewer and the wearer.

Far from being provocative, Karan has created a world of basic, functional clothing that is wearable and useful.Buying a collection means having every piece function everyday and not sticking the customer with pieces that require a level of daring or edginess that most of us wouldn't consider appropriate for work or play.

Often referred to as a "master of disguise" Karan is known for her ability to emphasize the positive and make the negative not exist.You will rarely find a plunging neckline or daring bare shoulder.Her accessory lines complement her clothing lines with hosiery and undergarments that are made to wear with her style of dressing.

One of the more commercially successful designers America has ever seen, audiences, customers, and fellow designers place Karan in high regard.If you are "dressed" by Karan you never have to be concerned with being out of place because you will always look great.

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