Door Stopper Craft

This door stopper craft is easy enough to be made by adults and children.


Fabric (2feet x 2feet)

(fabric can be print, solid, or coordinated

with the room it will be going in.)

Matching Thread


Weighted Fiberfill, Sand,

or other weighted Material



Ironing Tape

Hot Iron


Fold fabric in half, matching all ends evenly. Using scissors, cut fabric evenly in half, lengthwise.

Lay fabric on work surface with "right sides" of fabric facing each other. Using needle and thread, sew edges together, leaving one edge completely unsewn.

Reach through open edge and pull material right side out, so that the correct patterns and sides of material are now on the outside.

Take weighted substance and pour through open edge, filling fabric almost completely full. Be sure to leave at least 2" at the unsewn edge for completion of project.

Once you have filled the fabric, you may finish sewing the edge completely shut.

However, if you want a more defined look, I suggest using a piece of self-adhesive ironing tape, which can be purchased at Wal-Mart or a Craft Store.

Roll edges of fabric under about 1/2" inch, so you will have edges that aren't frayed.

Cut the tape to the desire length. Peel backing off of one side and apply to one edge of the fabric. (Be sure to apply backing to the inside of fabric.)

Once positioned, remove backing off of the other side of adhesive, and press to the other inside edge of the fabric.

Using a hot iron, press on top of edges, according to tape instructions, to adhere together.

Your Door Stopper is now ready to be placed in front of your doors.

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