Down Comforter Care

How to care for your down comforter and make your expensive bedding last longer and look great for a long time.

Down pillow and comforters are among the most luxurious bedding, and as such, they can be quite expensive. Though down has often been avoided by those with allergies, it has been found that down pillows and comforters harbor less of an allergic risk than synthetic pillows as the casings for down pillows are often made of a tighter weave and there is less chance of developing dust mites in down than there is in other synthetic materials. Feather pillows can be enjoyed by everyone, as long as your casings are tight enough. When choosing your down bedding, be sure to consider the quality of the casing and the degree of warmth your bedding will provide. Down comforters are often classified into categories of warmth, choose one for the environment in your home to avoid being too warm.

When you spend quite a bit of money on down bedding, you want it to last for a long time and it can if you take proper care of it. No matter what type of casing your down pillows and comforters come with, you should always put additional covers on them before using them. Get a cover or duvet for your comforter, these covers usually attach with buttons and ties and protect your comforter from soil. Cover your pillows in casings with zippers in addition to a pillowcase to keep your pillows clean and to minimize any irritation from feathers. While down products usually have tightly woven casings, from time to time a feather may poke out through the casing so you'll want to keep as much protection over it as possible. Though down is soft, most down products by law are allowed to contain up to twenty percent feathers, so you will have some points.

You probably will not need to clean your bedding if you keep it well protected, but from time to time you will want to clean it to keep it fresh. Down may be dry-cleaned but it is quite expensive and you can wash it yourself. The less you wash your down, the longer it will last. Put your pillows into the washing machine, or use a large machine at the laundry-mat if they will not fit. Use cold water and no fabric softener, use a small amount of detergent. It is best not to use a colored laundry detergent, try to find one with no dyes as these can stain your bedding.

When drying your bedding, put a clean tennis shoe into the dryer to help fluff up the down and distribute it well. Dry on low or hang your bedding out to dry on the clothesline, it will add a fresh clean scent.

From time to time, take your comforter out of the duvet and fluff it up to keep the feathers from clumping together or hang it out on the clothesline for a quick freshen-up. Fluff your pillows frequently and turn them to prevent matting of the down. Always be sure to store your down in a dry place where they will not mold or mildew.

Following these steps will provide a long life for your beautiful down bedding and keep you warm on the coldest nights!

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