How to Draft a Person on "NBA 2K10"

NBA 2K10 brings the world of professional basketball right to your living room. From the court to the locker room, NBA 2K10 takes gamers through the motions of all aspects of the NBA, including the draft process. NBA 2K10 comes equipped with a dynamic character development interface, which enables gamers to create their own, customized draft prospect's detailed appearance and athletic attributes. It also gives virtual accessibility to the Attack Athletics Gym in Chicago where real training takes place for the draft combine. Inside the virtual gym, gamers can go through all the ins and outs of NBA draft training. The virtual version of the NBA Draft Combine enables customized player training to improve skills for the virtual draft so you can draft them to the NBA 2K10 player database.

List of Items Needed

  • NBA 2K10 Draft Combine
  1. Power on your gaming system and launch NBA 2K10. Navigate from the home menu to "My Player Mode" from the NBA 2K10 main screen once the game has booted up properly. My Player Mode will open to the NBA 2K10 character creation interface.

  2. Start by choosing the physical details you want for your player's appearance. These details include the player's race, height, weight, hair style, build, attire and body art. Then choose the athletic attributes you'd like the person to have. These include the player's position, strengths and weaknesses on the court. Once the player is created, he will automatically be placed in the undrafted rookie summer circuit to undergo the game training for the NBA Draft Combine.

  3. Run the training drills and play the recruitment battles as they come to reach the NBA Draft Combine. Once you've conquered the combine, you'll be given the option to draft the player into the NBA 2K10 player database for full games with the pro players.

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