When Are Drapes Or Curtains Most Appropriate For The Room?

When are drapes or curtains most appropriate for the room? For those looking for a more formal living space, drapes and curtains are an excellent choice. Drapes or curtains tend to be a little bit more traditional...

Drapes or curtains tend to be a little bit more traditional so I find that we use those with people whose design is more traditional. They might possibly still like the look of the blinds or any other shades but the draperies give a room a more luxurious look. So when you are going for that more elegant feel we use a lot of fabric and we bring that to the window by putting the draperies or curtains to either be more traditional or when they are trying to get that look of elegance and luxury. Drapes and curtains are wonderful for privacy because you can close them, they are closed, and people can't see in at all, you don't have to see out. As far as heat resistance there are different types of fabrics that are going to lend more heat resistance than others... a simple sheer isn't going to be as insulative as a very heavy cotton with an inner lining.

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