Dream Interpretation: The Meaning Of Colors

Learn the meanings of the presence of different colors in your dreams.

Color is a significant aspect when it comes to interpretation of the meanings of dreams. While some people do not report dreaming in color, those who do can find rich and vibrant messages in the colors of their dreams. Here are some of the symbolic interpretations associated with colors in dreams:


White is commonly associated with purity and perfection. It symbolizes a hope for these qualities and when combined with other colors can add a refinement to their characteristics. Stark white can indicate rigidity, but a softer white is generally associated with the future and prophesy.


Yellow is symbolic of the intellect in dreams. It reflects the use of mental faculties and if someone who approaches the dreamer wears yellow in the dream, it may indicate a need to challenge one's intellect or to spend time engaging in rational thought.


Orange is a color filled with optimism and often is representative of ambition and desire in dreams. Orange is cheerful and can be energizing; in dreams it often colors items in need of rejuvenation in the dreamer's life. When shown in combination with black, orange often symbolizes the career.


Love is most often represented by pink in dreams. It may mean romantic love, but it often symbolizes love for one's family. Dreaming of many pink objects may mean the dreamer yearns for love.


Red is one of the most intense hues and in dreams represents passion, anger, aggression and heat. A bright scarlet red may indicate items of a sexual nature and more subdued hues may indicate a repressed energy in the dreamer. Consider areas of life that the dream indicates may need an injection of passionate attention and energy.


Purple is a majestic or royal color, often symbolizing leadership and authority in dreams. It may also indicate a strong sense of responsibility in the dreamer.


Blue can mean many things in dreams, depending on the shade. In general blue is a representation of the dreamer's moods. Dark blues may be foreboding, or an indication of worry or fear. Lighter blues may symbolize hope, healing and a high level of spiritual awareness.


In dreams, green most often symbolizes a need for healing, balance and harmony. Recurrence of the color green in dreams may indicate the dreamer should become more giving, sharing of himself more. In specific circumstances green is an indication of envy or jealousy as well.


The darkness of black generally has negative connotations in dream interpretation. The presence of black may indicate anxiety, anger, guilt or resentment. An abundance of blackness may be a sign of depression or other mood disorders. When mixed with white it may indicate an extreme personality.


The natural tone of brown often indicates a practical and honest nature or that the dreamer is yearning for things to get back to basics. The earth tone brown in dreams is suggestive of all things unsullied and innocent.

In addition to examining meanings of individual colors that appear, it is important to also look at the juxtapositions of them and at the other symbolic objects they are paired with in each dream.

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