Dream Interpretation: Symbolism Of Insects

They creep, they crawl, and they love to get inside our heads! But what does it mean if bugs invade your dreams?


Have you been feeling "ansty", or ressless, lately? Ants also can symbolize the small annoyances and irritations in our daily lives.


A busy beehive signals many opportunities ahead, and an increase in earning power. An empty beehive foretells sorrow over love affairs and a loss in income. Destroying a beehive also symbolizes loss.


Bees are usually a good omen. However, if you get stung by one, expect bad luck to come your way.


This symbol may be telling you that you need to settle down, and stop fliting from one person to the next. It can also be seen as a symbol of transformation.


A caterpillar symbolizes that while you are on your way to your goal, you have not achieved it yet.


Seeing cockroaches symbolizes a need on your part to reevalutate a major part of your life.


Crickets in your house foretell that you will soon be experiencing poverty. Killing crickets means the poverty will be short. Hearing crickets means that you will hear sad news about the death of a distant friend.


When a dragonfly lands on you, you will hear excellent news from someone far away from home. A dead dragonfly symbolizes sad news.


Foretells of petty problems and agruments with your relatives that will lead to aggrivation for you.


Insects always represent obsticles you will have to overcome.


Represent something that is draining you of energy.


See leech.


When you see a moth in a dream, it is pointing out a personal weakness or deception.


Spiders symbolize a careful, energetic approach to your work and that you will be pleasently rewarded for your labors. A spider spinning a web indicates a happy homelife and an increase in income. A large spider symbolizes a quick ascent to fame and fortune.


See a worm and you can expect losses and reversals. Killing the worm means you can expect wealth.

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